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The Kongregate idle simulation game AdVenture Communist MOD APK (Free Scientist Upgrade) is a sequel to AdVenture Capitalist. The game is great for those who love business and want to become a billionaire one day. Creating billions of dollars with only a small initial capital is possible. Simulating a realistic business model helps you learn how to use capital to build a fortune.

The game was developed by Hyper Hippo and features a circus theme. The funny and unique AdVenture Communist emulation emulates the communist economy, just as AdVenture Capitalist simulates the capitalist economy. Clicker games let you produce things by simply touching them, here potatoes. Starting out with only one farmer and a small plot of land, you grow your potato empire over time. Potatoes are easy to grow: just plant lots and harvest them. More farmers can be hired, and potatoes can be used as payment.

It is even possible for an empire to provide food for the whole world if they invest well. Even after closing AdVenture Communist, you can keep building your empire since it is an idle game. Your boss might assign an unexpected task or you may receive a knock at your door. Relax and shut the game. As soon as you start the game again, you’ll have access to potatoes and products.

Food is an issue that affects all countries in the world. The only thing we can do without food is eaten. Choosing potatoes as a side dish can be beneficial. Potatoes are a versatile ingredient that can be used for many dishes. It’s hard to beat the taste of French fries. Build your mighty potato empire. You will become a glorious leader for the nation. You can build towns and farms when your number of farmers is too large. By upgrading the necessary items, you will be able to harvest faster and more farmers will be willing to work on your farm.

Potatoes are just the beginning of what you can produce. Having enough food will allow you to produce more and upgrade your industries. During the play of Adventure Communist, you can upgrade plantations, towns, irrigation systems, electricity, factories, weapons, … you can unlock a new industry when enough materials are available. When you advance in levels, you are provided with materials. Rather than producing all industries, I recommend focusing on the newly unlock industry.

In many cases, new industries are more valuable than old ones. Researchers are valuable employees for any leader who wants to increase production exponentially. Scientists bring solutions to improve production speed, as well, so they can improve productivity. Generally speaking, researchers are categorized as Common, Rare, Epic, or Supreme. Changing resources or purchasing research capsules will unlock the researcher. You can buy a smaller number of farmers in each region by clicking the tab to the right. Make sure this tab is always set to Max.

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Overall, AdVenture Communist lacks the type of gameplay that distinguishes it from other idle games. Most of the time, you click on the button to produce, upgrade, unlock, and resume production. It may sound boring, but you can feel the pride of seeing your empire grow.


When you have 100 potatoes, you can only buy 1 farmer because a farmer costs 10 potatoes. One click brings up the option of purchasing ten farmers. By watching advertisements, you will be able to increase your Propaganda Meter. You can increase the speed of production with the help of this clock. The effect will disappear after a few days, but you can watch Ads to maintain it. You should not max out all of your credit cards. For maximum upgrade cards, you cannot collect cards. In order to complete the quest “collect x cards”, this is crucial.

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