AFK Arena Mod APK [Unlimited Diamons, Unlocked]


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If you are looking for any way to get unlimited diamonds in the AFK Arena game, then you have come to the right place. Today, I will be sharing AFK Arena Mod Apk with unlimited diamonds and God Mode features.

You can now unlock any Ascended tier hero and train their abilities to the highest level using this mod AFK arena game.

Play AFK Arena and discover the fun of thrilling adventures on the platform where you can discover legendary heroic cards and gather a powerful army of heroes to fight for you and win awards.

You always try to unravel the mysteries of Esperia’s core with the help of your skills and experience. AFK Arena is all about developing strong strategies that assist you in fighting against powerful opponents.

Making perfect strategies and discovering hidden treasures in maizes are the most important parts of the game. You can form Alliances with powerful players to become the AFK Arena Battle world’s master. With each Hero formation, you strengthen your hero Army so you are stronger against any powerful opponents. Neither is there a time limit for the given game nor a deadline, so you can play it according to your Strategies and it keeps you on your toes. You can also change the wave of battles at your fingertips.

As we have seen, the mighty hero cards are locked and require you to buy them to unlock them. Additionally, you can upgrade any superhero power after attaining a certain level.

You can resolve these problems with my AFK Arena Mod Apk with unlimited diamonds and unlimited money. You are gonna enjoy it and I give you all the best tips for creating the best army to conquer your opponent.

What is AFK Arena Mod APK?

AFK Arena Mod Apk offers a modified (cracked) demo version of the official AFK Arena game that includes all mod features such as unlimited gold, all unlocked heroes, and the rest for free.

You can also completely unlock all Treasures offered in the game that need to be unlocked to grow in your character quickly.

  • Enjoy an unlimited number of diamonds
  • You can unlock the premium treasures
  • Any hero cards can be unlocked
  • You can purchase this game for free in-app.
  • Experience the best graphics available.
  • You get unlimited slots for heroes
  • Any hero can be easily leveled up

AFK Arena is a tactical card game that features a collection of legendary heroic cards. The game requires players to use perfect strategy at the right time in order to build a powerful academy from which any opponents can be easily defeated in the battle

You will get regular updates on new quests and arenas, which makes this game more interesting than any other strategy game. The narratives are absolutely captivating, especially the character stories that will provide endless laughter.

The Union Heroes and Factional Bones should be used when they are necessary to turn the result of the battle toward you. The Gameplay Loop is very fun, and you can easily win all the Daily and Weekly objectives in a single hour if you play continuously.

Features of AFK Arena Mod

This game is popular in all over the world because it keeps getting updated with new stories. It is known as an AFK Arena premium single-player game due to its quick response community.

Below you will find some features of AFK Arena mod. If you are still unsure about downloading this modded game, then you will definitely benefit from the following features below.

Unlimited Diamonds

Diamonds are the most precious thing in this game, and they’re also what’s used to purchase Chest Rewards, Summon Heroes, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, Mythic Gears, and much more.

In AFK Arena Modded Apk, you will get unlimited diamonds, and you can use them to buy whatever you would like.

Free Monthly Cards

For a monthly cost of around £3, you will get all the features of the premium subscription in the game. It gives you Team Bounty Quests, Campaign Mercenary Utilizes, and many additional features.

If you play AFK Arena modified, a monthly card subscription could be yours for free. Don’t worry about the money and enjoy the battle experience.

Fully Unlocked Heroes

A game’s most important part is the heroes since you have to win the battle with them. Many of the strongest heroes are locked, so we have to earn diamonds and buy money to unlock them

So, to save you precious time, we modified AFK Arena to unlock all heroes with all their powers and skills.

Unlimited Guild Coins

You can now avoid wasting time on Guild Hunting by using AFK Arena Hacked Apk, which is in the Download Section. It automatically adds unlimited Guild Coins to your account.

Free Shopping

This is one of my favorite features of AFK Arena Mod Apk. You can use it to purchase premium items from the game store without paying any price.

No manual action is needed, just click on the item you want in the game store and it will appear in your game’s inventory.

Some More Features

A few more great features are listed below.

  • The graphics and sound quality are outstanding.
  • It is anti-Ban
  • Purchases of free items
  • Subscribe for Free to a Premium Subscription
  • It has very simple interface 

How to download and Install AFK Arena Mod on android?

You can download any modded game from easily and without paying a single penny. People with just a little android experience can do it as well without any knowledge.

If you are a newbie on To Darrin Hudson and do not know how to download games for free, then you can read a simple guide below. I wrote this guide from a newbie’s viewpoint so that anyone can easily follow it.

Step 1: First of all, you will be redirected to the AFK Arena crack download page after clicking the above ‘Go To Download Page’ button.

Step 2: Your download will begin in a few seconds. Now, download your hacked game by clicking on the ‘Start Download’ button.

Step 3: Once you have downloaded the game, go to File Manager and open AFK Arena.apk. If it is your first time using the File Manager, it will ask you for some permissions.

Step 4: Allow access to all necessary permissions by clicking the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 5: Install the apk file again after you have allowed the permissions. It will install without any errors this time.

NOTE: You must uninstall any previous version of the AFK Arena before installing this version in order to avoid installation fails.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Guys, I know there’s a lot hitting your mind regarding this astonishing strategic game, so I have answered all your commonly asked questions regarding AFK Arena Mod Apk below.

If there is any question you have or if you think I did not answer your question, please comment too. I would love to be able to solve your questions.

How do I join an AFK Arena private server?

Yes, there is a dedicated Private Server for the AFK Arena. This is the most requested feature of the game. The benefits of using this private server include:

  • You can get free VIP levels
  • Subscription Cards for a Monthly Subscription
  • Cards with extra features
  • And many other items

Could this Mod Apk be used safely?

The AFK Arena Mod Apk is 100% safe. You should know that my apps are tested beforehand with premium antivirus. So, you can enjoy this game without worrying about your privacy and security.

When I buy this mod version, what exactly I get?

We have unlocked all the premium items which will allow you to build a Power Hero Army. For more information, see the following list.

  • The God Mode
  • You have unlocked in-game purchases.
  • You get unlimited Diamonds
  • The Deluxe Subscription is FREE for a month.
  •  Updates are provided regularly

You may experience various other features, too, once this game is installed in your system.

Can I play this game without Internet access?

Unfortunately, this game can’t be played offline since it is a server-based game in which you must log on to establish a connection.

Which version are we talking about?

It has always been my practice to share the latest version of AFK Arena, i.e. v1.59.03.


 If you are looking for a Simple GamePlay, yet Addicting Battle Game that can be played on any low-end device, then AFK Arena mod apk for 2021 is perfect for you.

Also, we have added unlimited diamonds and god mode features that will help you win every fight. If you like this version of the game, then don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any doubts about the AFK Arena mod or if it doesn’t work for you, then comment down. I will do my best to answer any of your questions.

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