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We might think that Angry Birds and Transformers have little in common. Angry Birds are colorful birds living on tropical islands, while Transformers are massive robots from the universe. Thanks to the great creative genius of the developer Rovio, they created a very interesting game, which is a perfect blend of Angry Birds and Transformers.

In contrast to match-3 games and trajectory shooter games, Angry Birds Transformers is an arcade and action game that’s similar to Jetpack Joyride. On the left side of the character are blue pigs. Your Angry Bird is aimed at them across the screen.

The Angry Birds are no longer cute and small. Now they’re AUTOBIRDS; advanced birds that can transform into cars or helicopters. However, they cannot protect Piggy Island alone. They must join forces with DECEPTIHOGS to stop the Eggbot.

In the Angry Birds Transformers game, you can play with just one finger. AUTOBIRDS automatically strikes at enemies, turrets and enemy fortresses. Be careful of some stone towers. If you run into them, it will fall on you. The quicker you touch the transformation button, the higher your speed will be.

AUTOBIRDS has two types of form, robot and machine. You can only attack in robot form. After overcoming targets in a level, you will be able to move on to the next. Your character will be counted as a loser if there is no blood (indicated by the heart symbol).

The combination of Angry Birds and Transformers certainly makes the character system an interesting aspect of the game. And great to see Rovio has done a great job with this. The Angry Birds Transformers game features characters from Transformers like Optimus Prime and BumbleBee shaped like cute Angry Birds (Red, Chuck, Bomb). There also appear the pig-shaped Decepticons.

A variety of characters are available in the game. Each character is a robot-like character with the ability to transform into different vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, trucks, planes, and more. Each character will strengthen your team. As you play, you’ll continue to upgrade your character and weapons to have enough power to overcome difficult levels.

You can use gold or diamonds to upgrade your character. If you prefer not to wait (from a few minutes to a few hours), diamonds can be purchased to speed up the upgrade process.

This game offers many things to do for players. In addition to the default mode, you can take part in Endless Run mode. Here, Autobirds will die but they will come back to battle until only one remains.

The game will let you customize your Autobird by unlocking hats, armor, and changing colors to create unique robots. Besides, there are other modes and features that you will not want to miss.

As for the design, the game will look great on mobile devices because of the 3D graphics that are horizontally oriented. You’ll see stunning beaches, deserts, rainforests, caves, and snowy mountains as you journey. It is a fun action game with cute and funny characters. Because of this, it is appropriate for all audiences, including children.

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I think this game is very funny and is a great addition to the Angry Birds family. Each round only lasts for about 2 minutes, so you can play the game for hours, or on your lunch break. Try Angry Birds with modern weapons instead of the traditional slingshot. Remember to leave a comment below if you liked it.


Toward level 30, the game became increasingly challenging. Eggbot had very powerful firepower, and they had many stone towers. You could not attack them, unless you were in a vehicle. This MOD gives you the power to defeat all enemies and overcome difficult levels. If your powers are upgraded, you can easily beat difficult levels and defeat all enemies. You can ups.

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