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It brings together characters from such popular entertainment shows as Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, Futurama, and King Of The Hill. These are all extremely popular animation series, so if you enjoy them too, join Animation Throwdown and gather cards for yourself.

Animation Throwdown Apk Mod

Animation Throwdown’s collection of cards enables you to collect over one hundred cards and make stronger cards with them. You can also combine cards into one strong card and use it to defeat the opponents.

The rules are also very simple. The first time you play, you will draw five cards. Make sure you have prepared the necessary cards to be added to the deck beforehand. Based on the HP and attack power on each card, you will play a turn. The cards will fight it out until your opponent’s blood drops to zero. And of course, when the opponent doesn’t have any monsters on the table, you can directly attack. If your opponent’s original points drop to zero with yours, you win, and vice versa.

In the match, you will be able to demonstrate your strategic abilities. You can use your strategy and wit to control and give a reasonable move. Add other cards to the deck to create a stronger deck. Additionally, you will need to combine special characters.

The game offers many of the most popular American shows. This will give you plenty of ideas. Keep in mind it is a card battle, so cards in the same line will fight for position. Make use of your character skills to support your cards. The heroes each have a special skill, so understanding each character is necessary. The diversity of heroes also make the game more attractive and fascinating.

The collection of cards is also an attractive feature. The more you have, the easier it becomes to create your own tactics. Cards are also available from common to rare. It will be your lucky day if you manage to collect rare cards since they will be very powerful and have super abilities.

Animation Throwdown is also rich with features such as PvP Match, Guild Match, etc. Time is unlimited for each match and matches are only over when one person falls below the original score. This game has many challenges that you will be rewarded for completing.

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Animation Throwdown is a really interesting card game title. For those looking for card game titles like Yu-gi-oh, this is the game for you. Test your luck and check out the rare cards we have!

The Animation Throwdown game (card game) is a CCG from publisher Kongregate. The game has a similarity to Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon TCG Online.


Animation Throwdown is an exciting game with beautiful graphics inspired by popular American animated films. In the game, you have the chance to meet funny characters such as Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad, Futurama, and King Of The Hill. This makes the fun graphics even more enjoyable.

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