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Today, people are often so busy with their jobs that they will always enjoy themselves if they have a few moments to rest. There are many ways for people to relax, including chatting with colleagues, friends, walking, etc. Others, however, spend their free time playing games in order to entertain themselves and relax. You can find a lot of games of every genre that are fun, light, and easy to play that can help you relax or kill time. The popular game,, can be found at Cheetah Games publisher, which I will introduce to you today. Cheetah Games is also known for publishing light-hearted, highly entertaining games such as “Dancing Line” and “Piano Tiles 2” among others. Besides finding and downloading fun and relaxing games, this is a perfect place where you can unwind and have some fun.

It is possible to play online and offline on Once you’ve started playing, the system will assign you a match, in which you’ll have to defeat other players along with your bow and arrow. Using the left joystick, you can move. The right joystick will be used to move to the attack point and the joystick will be released to shoot arrows. It is necessary to use the joysticks simultaneously to achieve the best results in this game. If you defeat an enemy, you will receive experience points, but if the enemy you destroy has a higher level, the more experience points you will get. You can also level up by collecting small exp points scattered throughout the map, but the first method is the most effective. In this game, you dodge and attack the enemy as you navigate your way through “”.

The game also has an easy and quick learning curve. A game’s special features often express the fun and appeal of the game. In the first instance, three random skill choices are available after the player levels up, including higher damage, higher fire rate, greater movement speed, and potentially more stats. Additionally to the skills that increase your index, players will also have other options such as scythes that attack within a certain distance, an additional arrow when attacking, spikes that appear when you move, shields that move around you, etc. There will be a wide variety of skills with different effects added in the upcoming updates, so the player will never get bored when they export the same skills repeatedly. 

A balance will be created for the game by limiting the number of skills you can select, preventing the player from possessing many skills that create a great advantage for the player.  In spite of that, the player will continue to level up without receiving any new skills. Almost every skill type in the game can be combined to create combinations that make the opponent uncomfortable, while at the same time, making it easier to defeat strong opponents. Even though its name refers to the default weapon, it was a bow when the game first appeared. As time went on, Cheetah Mobile added new weapons and abilities to its arsenal to ensure that every player could quickly find their unique playing style. Additionally to weapons and skills, Cheetah Mobile offers a variety of game modes apart from the default mode to increase diversity and richness in the game.


Now you are ready to download free of charge. The following notes are for your information:

  • Refer to our installation guide for more information.
  • For checking the CPU and GPU of Android devices, you may use CPU-Z


The following game modes are available in this mode. You will only be playing alone, and your opponent will be the one remaining. A new opponent replaces a destroyed one when you destroy them, so the rule repeats. Each match is divided into two teams, and each team consists of five people, the team that gains the most points in a certain amount of time wins the match, besides, this is a mode that allows you to play with your friends or colleagues in an entertaining way. A difference from the default mode is that, if the last survivor of the battle wins, no replacements will be available immediately. In addition, there are also default modes, such as Rookie, Master, Fire Storm, and Night Battle. Whatever your interests, you are welcome to join. The game’s graphics are designed simply with 3D graphics, and the map is filled with brilliant colors and each character has its own design. Besides ensuring humor, fun, and lively play for players, the effects of weapons and skills are shown to be strong, giving the player a sense of the weapons’ power. The perfect game to play anytime, anywhere if you are looking to relax or have fun. If so, then “” would be a great choice.

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