Avakin Life Mod APK [Unlocked/Unlimited Money]

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The most beautiful clothes you’ve ever seen, the cutest pets you’ve seen, and the most splendid apartments are at your disposal in Avakin Life MOD APK (Unlocked). You just have to download the game and you’re done

There are several outstanding video games that mimic real life: Supersolid’s Home Street or ELECTRONIC ARTS’ The Sims Mobile. These video games give players the joy of exploring an entirely new world without having to follow any rules.

Avakin Life from Lockwood Publishing is another such game. It was released on April 22, 2016, and so far it has been downloaded over ten million times on Google Play. In the 3D world, you can easily shop, explore, make friends, and learn from other players. This offers a chance for you to have a second life, to try to become the person in your dreams.

Not only can you choose the right appearance for your avatar, but you can also customize the hairstyle, face, and clothing. Would you consider creating a tall, handsome guy with a romantic hairstyle and stylish clothes? Would you construct a cute, cheerful girl who always smiles between the guys around? Would you make a hip-hop character with a unique, “crazy” personality?

Avakin Life allows users to create special styles, with hundreds of hair, clothing, shoes, skirts, and accessories. You can purchase the world’s top fashion brands through the game. You are offered money when you begin the game to make purchases and unlock some of the clothing you like. Experience points can be earned by doing daily tasks and working.

Clearly, you need to work to make money, regardless of what world you are living in. However, in Avakin Life, you can choose whatever job you want, without having to earn a college education or undergo any other requirement. What jobs would you prefer? A waiter at a cafe, a restaurant manager, or a taxi driver? Work hard to earn the most money possible, and choose your top jobs accordingly.

Not only can you decorate your character, but you may also design and build a house of your dreams. You may move furniture or decorate the exterior to create new spaces, which will help you gain valuable experience points while playing the game.

After working hard all day, the evening is when you wear the most beautiful, most expensive clothes and take part in parties in the city, whether they are at nightclubs, music festivals or at your friend’s house. If you like meeting, interacting with strangers, and chatting with them, this is the place for you because Avakin Life gives you the option to chat with people around the world. Chat, make friends with other people on Avakin Life.

The game has a huge global community in many different countries. If you are an adult and want to make friends with strangers since you are not a child, it is great. Because there are so many opportunities for strangers to interact with you, collecting your personal information for bad purposes can be quite dangerous for adolescent players. This is why Avakin Life only allows players aged 17 and up.

The graphics in Avakin Life are exceptionally vivid and realistic. High-quality 3D graphics provide sharp images to every detail. The camera angle lets you see the entire surrounding area. People are impressively designed with a series of different actions, simulated close to the real world. As an online game, Avakin Life requires your device to be connected to 3G or Wifi.

All items in this version are unlocked and you can use them without buying from the store. Mod available for this game is impossible as it is online only. A site advertising a MOD version is a scam. Don’t listen to them. You cannot use this function in newer versions of the game. Don’t search for it! 

Download Avakin Life MOD APK

This is a game that everyone can play for free, anywhere, anytime. You will immediately find friends around the world here. If you need a mod version, you can download it by clicking on the link below. It will give you access to the full shop and unlimited Avacoins.


Since this is an online game, all costumes & items obtained this way will only work for the player. Other players will not see the costumes that you have unlocked.

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