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Badoo (MOD Premium Unlocked) is the leading online dating application available in 190 countries. The app currently has more than 400 million registered members. However, each week nearly 100,000 users have decided to uninstall the app. However, this number does not say Badoo is a bad application. Users have deleted the app because they have found someone else to spend time with. Sounds awesome. If you are lonely and looking for a new partner, check out Badoo today.

Badoo Premium Mod APK for Android

Badoo, a dating app that is free and can be used to meet new people, is a great choice for people seeking love or a spouse. Nearly as popular as Tinder, the app brings together hundreds of members to chat, find friends, or marry.

Creating an account on Badoo is as easy as providing basic profile information such as your name, date of birth, gender, current town, and what kind of purposes you want the application for: just for a simple chat or serious dating. You need to upload a profile picture and go through a few profile verification procedures to register successfully. Email activation is also required. A link will be sent to your email address. Once you click on the link, your account will be active.

Additionally, Badoo offers Premium membership but you can upgrade it with real money. With Premium membership, you can use advanced features without any restrictions. In addition, we give you the opportunity to access this application as a Premium account and use all the advanced features for free.

All it takes is about five minutes to create a profile with all the necessary information. You can choose whether to register via Facebook, email, or phone number. A profile with all the necessary info will help you find your best lover or partner. A user may be asked to provide some information like their gender, age, address. If you would like more privacy, you can use a nickname and not your real name.

Although the app’s registration process seems fast and easy, it still censors users quite diligently. Many couples have found one another on dating apps. But lots of people fall into fake people. Someone may create a fictitious profile as a pretty girl or handsome guy to attract attention from other users. However, the fact is quite the opposite. More seriously, there are cases when dating apps get used for fraud.

Hence, Badoo’s success comes from censorship. If someone tries to create a fake profile, it will fail miserably. Users can hardly use any features of the application unless they are authenticated. In order to verify your profile, you must upload a picture of your face. The application also requires users to take a selfie when registering and pose as shown in the sample image.

If someone is looking if you have a website, you must add valuable information to your profile. Making a fake profile will only waste your time. The first step is to create your avatar. Make a good choice of your avatar and upload it.

The application allows users to write a description of themselves in 250 characters. This description can prove useful to your partner to help better understand you. Besides, it’s no secret most people are attracted to photos. They click on someone’s profile, and the first thing they look at is the profile photos. if they’re looking for real love, they’ll likely pay attention to the content of the profile.

Your profile will be boring if it looks just like others. In order to attract their attention, you need to make sure that you change it according to what you think they will find interesting. Do not leave any information blank, but do not write so long as to make your profile tedious. Furthermore, you should read your profile at least once after completion. A profile plagued with spelling errors also suggests to the reader that you will not be serious about dating. Please make the information perfect

Badoo is a dating service for couples. To help people find their other half you can often find them with features like search filter, people recent, etc… The search filters make it easy to find users by location, gender, age, and so on… Furthermore, you can also choose to display only new or only active users via the People Recent feature. To find new users, you can search for those who have been recently active. This could be your potential lover/partner.

If you’re looking to find your soulmate or chat with many people, Boost your profile. This is a paid feature that users pay for with Credits. For instance, you need to pay 50 Credits to appear in People Nearby or 100 Credits to receive more matches.

You can utilize Badoo for free without paying anything to find a new friend. However, once you upgrade your account to a Premium one these features are no longer locked. Many people say that Badoo Premium has been their best purchase for a mobile app ever. The Badoo Premium package unlocks some additional features to help you connect with others more easily.

Badoo Premium offers the following key features:

  • Find out what people thought about you
  • New and popular girls will be available for chatting.
  • The Encounter vote “no” can be undone
  • Incognito mode should be used.

The application provides payment options through Google Play, Credit Card, and PayPal. If you suffer from low funds, you can download and install the Badoo Premium APK instead.

Badoo is a dating app with powerful features such as smart search and suggestion tools. Its most valuable features are the face recognition tools that prevent fake pictures or photos that belong to other people from being displayed. It may be necessary to take several shots of the photo in order to successfully verify your account. Users may find this a little annoying, however, it is a necessary precaution in order not to create fake or fraudulent accounts.

Download Badoo Premium Mod APK

Although Badoo is a free application, it is limited and provides you access to some features only if you subscribe to Badoo Premium. If you want to quickly find a lover or have more chances of dating, we recommend upgrading your account. Additionally, we have provided a link to download the Badoo Premium APK for free. If you have any questions about this app, please leave a comment below.


The developer has also upgraded the verification feature via the new updates, but there’s no denying that dating apps have some risks for their users. To explore the dating app’s possibilities, you just choose to chat with and meet the account that has a full and accurate profile.

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