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Voodoo’s simple games have always been renowned for their addictive nature. Referring to Voodoo, many people will think of Helix Jump or once a time of storming the offline game market. The talented developer, Ball Blast, just added another game to the game library at the end of 2018. There is a free version of the game available for iOS and Android devices. Choosing a game like this is an excellent choice if you seek effective entertainment. Voodoo has always found inspiration from the ball when it comes to creating its products.

Many people will remember Dune, Fire, and In these games, the ball is always the focus. There is something very interesting about the fact when developers can create many different titles using only simple balls. The number that appears in this game is also appealing to those who love to calculate and use logic as a guide to their gameplay. The combination of these two will offer players many interesting things. During Ball Blast, your mission is to aim a mobile cannon at enemies and shoot them down. Simply move your finger to the side to move the cannon, so it will automatically fire.

There will be different numbers falling from the sky and your opponent will bring them. With each hit of the ball, the number drops until it reaches 0, at which point it explodes and drops gold coins. Shooting will not work if the ball doesn’t standstill. Round spheres with very high elastic properties will bounce when falling to the ground. In the air, they can fall on you and you will lose. Not only that but there’s more! Shooting down each big ball splits it into 2 smaller balls that have the same score as their original. They will keep separating the score every time you shot until the ball size is no longer sufficient to do so.

There is no relation between the size of a sphere and its number of points. You need to be careful looking at a falling ball in case it is split in half and falls on your head. Several times as many small balls appear in Ball Blast, which is similar to normal balls but has smaller ones. According to statistics, these small balls are responsible for 30% of all player deaths. It greatly depends on your mental capacity and proficiency in the game whether or not you recognize this. It is possible to gain more points for breaking more balls. You will unlock the next level after you have won a certain number of points.

It will, however, become harder as you advance through the levels. A higher level of play will have the ball appearing more often and moving faster. This is when you find out what your limits are. A Ball Blast game is designed in the style of an endless runner, meaning that the balls will fall until you make a new mistake. However, that brings an interesting element to the game because when players lose when in progress, they have the psychological motivation to play more in order to establish a higher record. Let’s get more friends in this game by trying our best. To overcome them, you’ll need more advanced weapons as the difficulty increases.

The question that may arise when using Ball Blast (MOD Unlimited Money) is why you see no coins when you open the game. You do not need to worry. The first gold coin you collect when playing the game will give you an unlimited amount of money. You can unlock firecrackers and various other items in the store with that money. In any case, you must still reach the levels required for each cannon.

Download Ball Blast MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Blast Ball is a simple game you can play whenever and wherever you want. The ideal is also to play a couple of games every time you wake up, before studying or working after a stressful lesson. What are you waiting for? Let’s play an unlimited ball shooting game!


When players reach the latter stages of the game, high-powered guns able to destroy balls fast become indispensable. As you progress through the game, the money you earn will be used to buy items in the store including firecrackers. With the guns with cool shapes, you are sure to win any challenge. Ball Blast has simple graphics like other Voodoo games, but it’s eye-catching nonetheless. The wide view and all the bright colors will not bore you with each level. Beautiful accessories are also included with the upgraded cannons. There is no doubt that even the most demanding players can be satisfied by this game.

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