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A game by D-Games Apps can be compared to GTA 5 in the Minecraft version, supporting mobile and tablet devices. The world of Block City Wars is full of things for you to do when you play it. You can fight, plunder, run away from the police, find out about the bad guys… Lots of interesting things await you when you play. Pixel graphics in the game are stunning. Buildings, vehicles, characters, helicopters, and more are designed in a very realistic way.

Based on what the game has shown so far, Block City Wars is a very large and vibrant city. Of course, the quest system is what will help you discover the stories and relationships of Restaurants, shopping centers, and high-rise buildings are scattered throughout the neighborhood. These streets have almost no rules; people often resolve the problem through street law. The game will expose you to fascinating stories about thugs, mafias, police, gangs, and more…

You can do whatever you like in the open world without following any specific routes. Playing the game’s characters. Acquire the contracts from the mafia bosses, and complete their missions. Once that is done, you will receive valuable items. Of course, you receive bonuses as well.

You are often chased by police when you go on business missions. You will always find them after you have completed a mission. As soon as you attack a policeman, many more are going to chase you. My personal opinion is that we should not attack them. A little bit of teasing is quite enjoyable, though. When playing Block City Wars, there are many things you can do. It is possible to shoot guns, fight gangs on the streets, chase expensive cars, etc. You can make the decision.

The current number of vehicles available in Block City Wars is extremely diverse. Even helicopters and jets are expensive, in addition to supercars, motorbikes, and boats. You can choose from many types of vehicles. Aside from that, the weapon system is also impressive. There are also plasma guns and katanas that you can use instead of ordinary guns, such as an AK-47.

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Google Play receives hundreds of thousands of positive reviews and comments each day regarding this game. Minecraft fans should give Block City Wars a try. Combining GTA 5 with the style of GTA 4 will offer new gaming experiences. Don’t miss out on this game today; you won’t be disappointed.


In addition to the variety of modes, Block City Wars also has a few advantages. As well as online and offline modes such as Team Deathmatch, Free PVP Fight, Pixel Hunter, Tank Battles, Street Race, and Infection Zombie, the game has many other interesting features. As with PUBG Mobile, players find themselves in a zombie disaster in the zombie mode.

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