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Here you can play the best Bomberman game on Android. You can participate in fierce, but extremely fun, bomb wars with Bomber Friends MOD APK. Arcade games were probably a big part of your childhood, so you are probably familiar with Bomberman. At the time, the game created in 1983 easily created a storm for its easy-to-understand gameplay and highly engaging storyline. Was there a reason for mentioning Bomberman? Among the most popular versions of Bomberman for Android devices, I introduce to you today is Bomber Friends. Google Play’s Bomberman game is named Bomber Friends. 

Hyperkani has been downloaded more than 50 million times on Google Play, and this number is constantly rising. Bomberman could only be played with four friends on consoles. Your only option when playing alone is to use the AI. Bomber Friends can be played online with players across the globe through its features. The game allows you to invite friends, team up and fight with them together. As the story opens, our hero Bomber is living a peaceful life in a small town with his family and friends. It wasn’t long before the peaceful days were over. The village was attacked by orcs one day. 

The villagers are kidnapped and everything is destroyed. There were many islands separating the land, including Grassland, Desert, Cursed Castle, and Winter Valley, which his friends were taken to. While exploring foreign lands, fighting monsters, and rescuing friends, Bomber will need your assistance. As an alternative to classic Bomberman games, Bomber Friends has similar gameplay. During the game, you control the character as they move through a maze and place bombs to destroy bricks. The bricks that you break can provide you with upgrade items. With bombs and brick walls, you should “trap” the enemy inside a prison with some bricks that cannot be destroyed.

You control the character’s movement with the joystick on the left, and you place a bomb with the key on the right. A simple control scheme is used. The most important thing is to find strategies that will defeat the whole opponent. During the early phases of the game, I recommend you collect as many items as you can. Having more bombs allows for longer range, giving you an advantage over your opponents. Bomber Friends does not differ too much from the original Bomberman games if you have played them on the console. This allows players to enjoy the classic Bomberman experience. A classic 2D graphic style is used in the game. 

Apart from that, the sound quality is also quite good. Matches are created with four other players based on the classic model. To win, you must destroy your opponents. In the adventure mode, you must unlock the secret gate in order to advance. Throughout the game, you’ll face monsters that hinder your progress. You can defeat these monsters or ignore them. Find Bomber’s family and friends by helping him on his journey. You play online against other players in multiplayer mode. A maximum of 6 or 8 players can participate in this mode. In order to win, you have to beat the entire opponent. Within 30 seconds, the map shrinks, and the walls collapse.

The entire map must be painted with bombs in the Reversi Tournament. This mode does not allow you to break brick walls. A player whose broad brushstrokes win is the winner at the end of time. Teams of two players battle against each other. All members of the enemy must be defeated by you and your teammates. Three currencies are available in Bomber Friends, including gold bars, diamonds, and coins. The currency Goldbar is used to purchase certain types of game items. You can upgrade your characters using coins while you can unlock epic characters using diamonds. Furthermore, gold coins and diamond coins are available for purchase. As a result, diamonds are only available through quests or cash purchases.

Download Bomber Friends MOD APK

All you need to do is download and install the MOD version of the game. When the new version is applied, the current version will be overridden. If you downloaded both the old and the new versions from APKMODY, you can update without losing any data. One of the biggest reasons Bomber Friends proved so popular is that it contained many features from the original Bomberman game. The game brings you the best experience with its fast-paced action and several compelling features. Below you can find information about the MOD version of the game. The links below provide access to the download links for the game.


Bombing is boring if only you bomb. A comprehensive character upgrade and customization system is available in Bomber Friends. Coins are useful for upgrading your character. It is a completely free game available online. By watching advertisements, you will receive more Gold bars after every match. However, ads sometimes annoy players as well. With our MOD version, you can unlock all the glasses, hair, eyes, faces, and costumes. The character can be customized in any way you like. Our original APK file as well as Bomber Friends APK must be downloaded and installed as usual. Feel free to post a comment below if you have any questions. Upon receiving your message, we will respond as soon as we can.

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