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RPG gamers: do you feel bored with the “cute” monsters in paradise’s dungeon? You want to play a realistic game, but one that is both attractive and cannot be ignored? I will show you a game that is fun yet realistic – Booty Farm. Currently, the game is free to download from Nutaku, and it is available for all platforms, such as iOS and Android. Booty Farm is a fun dating game that encourages players to get out of their comfort zone and open up.

Gameplay in Booty Farm involves a handsome man telling his story. He’s a young guy living in a luxurious city. One day, his beloved uncle decided to give him the village’s farm. Now he can take advantage of it as he pleases. Having been raised in a city environment, he is accustomed to playing in the serene environment of a magnificent city, and therefore, being unable to manage a garden entails selling it for money so that he can live freely in the city.

However, before he met Mindy – a beautiful girl full of charm, he employed her as his assistant to help run the farm, share her knowledge of the village with him, and tell and hear fascinating stories.

Even though this area looked old and poor to his eyes, the girls in this area are all very attractive. In spite of this, there are few men around, making life lonely for the girls living in this neighborhood. And you – that handsome guy – find it interesting what the assistant says.

In the future, his life may change, so he decided to not return to the city, but to date beautiful girls here. So do you possess enough confidence and inspiration to take control of the garden? You will be influenced by the choices you make throughout your life.

It can be said that “Booty Farm” is characterized by quite simple gameplay and is fairly straightforward to approach. Running the farm and talking sweetly to the girls are the two key problems that players need to solve. They are actually closely related and inseparable. Many of the girls you know are involved in your farm, so when the farm is inactive, your relationships decline and dating fail.

Further, players must also have a specific amount of money to exchange items in the store system. Furthermore, members of the service have their own interests and requirements, so building relationships will never be easy. Building relationships is built on developing farming, which acts as the foundation.

There is also the issue of building relationships. You must carefully interpret the hints and deeper meanings of the girls in Booty Farm. Usually, you can only respond to a situation with three answers from the girls. You will find that two of the answers will be rude or inappropriate to your friend, but only one of the options that are on the screen will help you win the heart of a beautiful woman.

The Nutaku developers do not only focus on the interesting gameplay, they also ensure the game is functional to please the majority of players. For starters, the system of storylines and situations is meticulously and honestly created. There will be unexpected circumstances sometimes without prior warning, and the game will allow players to experience emotions like never before.

Also, the product system in this game is both diversified and eye-catching. This does not only satisfy the gardening hobby but also the design hobby to design a magnificent garden in one’s own way. It’s an entertaining game for those who enjoy the elements of dating and running farms.

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Please find some additional information about Booty Farm after you download it for free:

  • You can find the installation guide here.
  • CPU-Z is an android app that measures the CPU and GPU of your device.


Booty Farm has shown quite well that a game that wants to be appreciated by the gaming community as indispensable needs beautiful graphics. It seems the game has done this quite well with sending to the players sexy 3D girls. The game is very visually appealing, including characters and secondary elements that are striking and eye-catching.

“Booty Farm” has very vivid colors, and its contrast and color saturation are all finished at the highest possible level. The graphics of the game are surprisingly realistic and depicted in an extremely vivid manner.

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