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If your dream is to be the owner and CEO of a multi-billion dollar company, you can download Cash Inc MOD APK (Unlimited Money) through the link below this article.

The gaming world is no stranger to making billions of dollars. What about becoming a billion billion billion billionaires? You must be curious about this, right? Play the idle clicker game Cash, Inc. Bad Fame & Fortune Game and find out.

The game starts out quite modestly when you bring a rundown building back to life and transform it into a bustling mall. As you gain experience and wealth, you will have the opportunity to expand your portfolio by adding new companies. This game allows you to become one of the richest and most famous business tycoons in the world; the best part is that you have no chance to lose.

Whether you prefer to move quickly or move slowly with asset expansion, you decide. You can hire managers for each company to increase sales, or you can monitor your progress on your own. A time machine can make you richer by travelling to the future or can help renovate old buildings by going back in time.

Further expansions of your company have been made in the upper floors. In fact, a building is home to many different businesses, such as sushi restaurants, comic stores, media offices, …

It is vital that you hire more employees for every department in your company to make the business profitable and productive. They will assist you with management and work, and ensure you receive money for your business. If you want good employees, of course, you will need to pay them a lot, but as the company grows, you’ll need employees who will bring in thousands of times what you pay them.

Once you unlock an entire building, you can then unlock new buildings in other big cities such as Paris, London, New York. The second building onwards should not be difficult, since you already have experience.

The profile section of Cash Inc is very interesting. When you see your profile, you can see the surrounding numbers which show your company’s assets and rankings. You can see the numbers continually shifting so that you can see your position on the list of the richest billionaires.

Like many simulation games, Cash Inc uses simple 2D graphics with drawn lines like a cartoon for children, but Lion Studios did not use sloppy graphics. The game comes in many colors and gives the player a sense of success as they see their “tiny” employees work.

On the journey to build a fortune that surpasses your wildest dreams, you’ll meet a variety of iconic characters. Stefan Damasena, our co-founder and CEO in Indonesia, said: “We think Cash Inc. players are really good with the characters. The news always excites us. Their messages show how much they love these characters”.

Download Cash Inc MOD APK

The more actively you trade reputation and assets, the more money you will make on your journey from humble beginnings to becoming the richest billionaire in the world. Are you ready to become a billionaire? Download Cash Inc now and start growing your business today.


The game aims to offer people more than they can get in real life by allowing them to become millionaires, something that few people can achieve so that more people will be able to experience it.

With Unlimited Money, profits can easily be increased without clicking too much, since money increases as you spend.

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