Cats: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Mod APK [High Damage]

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The creators of CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK are the same people who brought us the famous Cut The Rope. So, it goes without saying that CATS is also incredibly fun and refreshing.

This acronym stands for Crash Arena Turbo Stars, a name that may sound serious when written out in its original form, but demonstrates a sense of humor. Cats and Crash Arena Turbo Stars have a lot in common since the robot controls in this game are cats with funny faces. Moreover, it is possible to customize the appearance of robots and cats in detail.

It begins the game with an introductory phrase from a bulky cat. It scowls as it guides you through each step. It then asks: “Are you ready? Let’s face the enemy!”.

You can see several more options for the cat’s appearance on the next screen. There are not too many choices as the game isn’t focused on the cats. But this still is enough to make the players happy because they can come up with an uncommon cat, making it a fantastic game for cat lovers.

Robots make up the most important part of the game. With so much detail in the customization, you can choose every part of the car, and not only color but features and combat capabilities as well.

Don’t forget to equip the strongest and most effective weapon for your robot. Guns are almost limitless, but in general, you should select the one that best fits your robot. If you choose a weapon that is too big, you will have problems moving your robot.

Matches will be in a fighting fashion where you will fight until you can beat your opponent’s robot, win, and get your hands on loot, including money, items, upgrade cards, and other loot…

It is extremely entertaining, funny, and intense at the same time, so every second you spend is intensely exciting. Especially exciting is seeing the enemy lose the battle, retreat the parachute, and attack him with a cowardly face.

It looks funny that during the war there are scenes of squeezing, head-banging, and sniping going on, or two robots falling and spinning with each other. The winning robot is the one that can cause the engine to malfunction.

The first scenes I have described to you are just a sample of the later scenes. As the action becomes more intense, more powerful robots will appear. They will fight mercilessly, using powerful guns, rockets, and lasers together.

There are also small rewards for performing some impressive actions like accumulation points and upgrading your cards or short-term boosts. Other rewards include robots, items, medals, and money.

Aside from dual modes, CATS also has two offline options: play offline with an AI or play online. Only offline play is currently possible. The online mode is still not ready, so you need a human helper. As I mentioned above, in Quick Fight mode, you simply fight, upgrade the robot, and then continue fighting with stronger opponents.

Despite that, at the highest level (Championship), there are five tournaments in the game, the Wood League, the Iron League, the Cobra League, the Silver League, and the Gold League. The level of enemy aggression also depends on your choice.

As a result, you get an exceptionally valuable reward. Imagine your robot transforming from a gentle, minimalist car to a powerful ape-like in the first round of the championship. How do you feel?

In addition, regardless of how the match ends, its outcome will affect how you rank in the tournament. It is exhilarating and satisfying to watch yourself slowly eat away at all your competitors, putting yourself at the top of the heap.

Further, the music is constant throughout the scene, as well as sounds of engines starting, as well as guns firing. Everything is very familiar and somewhat similar to reality.

  1. Occasionally, high damage occurs.
  2. It’s God Mode

You may alter Switch 1 or Switch 2 if you notice that the enemy has God Mode as well.

Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars MOD APK

This link will allow you to download the MOD APK file of CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, a game you can build and play on your very own cat robot.


This game gives a lot of excitement and the gameplay process is easy to learn but gives the user a lot of fun. It’s no wonder why CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is always among the hottest mobile gaming releases each year.

The main reason for the game’s success must be the graphics. They are quite exciting and comical too. The 3D perspective is very revealing, varied, and fascinating.

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