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Whatever the power of the device, it will take its time. Slower performance is also expected. In the event that you don’t pay attention, you can continue using it and at some point, it will actually become a problem that you need to solve. It is only that in the process of using it, many files are stored on the device that is junk files. A small number of resources are used, but if the buildup is high, it will have an impact on processing speed. PC users may be familiar with CCleaner, and smartphone users may be familiar with Clean Master.

I think it should be considered a useful app, as it provides good service for the price it advertises. Because of this, Cheetah Mobile has collected over 2 billion downloads of all of its applications. In each case, the products are aimed at enhancing the speed and efficiency of mobile devices. It is possible to buy almost anything in Cheetah Mobile’s store. When it comes to regular phone users, however, you can only rely on “Clean Master – Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner” to run all the time.

As soon as users look at the application, they realize it is extremely professional. Since the release, everything has been constantly improving. Therefore, almost all users worldwide find its design pleasing. In the event that you disagree with something in the app, you may freely comment on Google Play. Continuously absorbing ideas and developing patches tailored to their needs is what they will do.

“Clean Master” will give users an interface that requires just one click to clean up their phone as soon as possible thanks to the high interactivity. Only a few seconds later, you will feel the difference in how fast your device is. A majority of junk files that have been created during use will be erased.

Nevertheless, some files may remain in the system. The user only needs to tell the application to scan their entire device, and everything will be found. The last decision about whether or not something should be deleted will be yours. Because sometimes it will mistake things that you want to keep on your phone without using junk files like junk files, be careful when removing anything from your device using advanced deletion.

Additionally, it possesses two other essential features that maximize the phone’s performance. With Applock, you never have to worry about your smartphone being accessed physically. Even the most casual user can feel confident that no one can access their device without a password if they only need to get a password.

Several tools will be included so that you can capture the faces of users accessing your device without your permission. Neither the hardware nor the software will be infected by viruses that are common in our world. Software that is suspected of being malicious is scanned. Clean Master offers a large number of useful features, but these are the most crucial features.

Virus scan everywhere you go – Clean Master runs all the time in the background, so it consumes much more battery power than most other apps. You will, however, be able to keep your phone secure. If the apps (.APK files) installed or uninstalled on your device contain dangerous content, such as sending messages automatically, sending implicit data, etc., you will receive an alert.

This is the most commonly used feature of Boost Mobile. It eliminates the need to manually stop programs that have been inactive for long periods of time. Your RAM will therefore be increased significantly, which will make your device significantly faster.

Application lock – Do you have sensitive applications on your phone, but do not want to set a password? Using the Applock feature, you can manage passwords for each application in the most efficient manner.

Download Clean Master Pro APK

Clean Master is now available for free download. The following notes are relevant:

  • We have an installation guide that you can refer to.
  • You can check the processor and graphics card on an android device by using the CPU-Z app


Keep your battery charged if you are going out of town for the day. There is no way to turn off your phone because of calls from relatives or anyone else. There’s no need to worry since your phone has a Battery Save feature that optimizes the battery capacity. With one touch, applications that consume a lot of battery capacity will automatically be shut down, while the CPU is optimized to operate at a lower capacity, thereby helping to extend the battery life of the device.

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