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A puzzle adventure game developed and published by Pretty Simple, Criminal Case (abbreviated as “CC”) can be played in a cooperative or a solo mode. First released on Facebook on November 15, 2012, it has been downloaded more than 2.5 million times. Mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems can be used in 2014 and 2015. The most portable and addictive Facebook game since its launch in 2013, Criminal Case is considered one of the universal games. At present, Criminal Case has received more than 4 million votes and has been downloaded hundreds of millions of times. You have to break the case in this exciting game if you are a fan of adventure and want to take on the challenge.

If you play the game, you will be tasked with investigating a crime scene in a dark city full of evils and corruption. Become the best detective by engaging in multiplayer games, finding clues, and solving mysteries with your friends. By analyzing samples and investigating clues, evidence can be found that will convict perpetrators. Evidence can be judged by investigating witnesses and suspects so that the killer can be brought to justice. Crimes are categorized into 6 sections. A fictional city based in New York, Grimsborough, is the setting for part one of this game. Grimsborough is located in a southern part of New Jersey. 

It is divided into six districts: the Industrial Area, Financial Center, Historic Center, University, Maple Heights, and Airport. A fictional city, Pacific Bay, is based in Los Angeles, California in the second part of the game. A typical district in Pacific Bay is Ocean Shore. Other typical districts include Bayou Bleu, Inner-city, and more. In the third part of the game, players need to solve crimes in different parts of the globe. Among them are Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, and Africa. In the fourth and final part of the game, Mysteries of the Past, the players are challenged with solving mysteries from the past all around the city of Concordia in the United States. 

In the fifth part, entitled Conspiracy, Grimsborough again plays host to the action. The third part of the story brings you back after those events. Old Town, The Greens, Maple Heights, Misty Grove, Spring Field, University, Fairview, Money Mile, and the Airport in Fairview. Grimsborough includes the counties of Newmark, Marlborough, and York. The six sections, which are called Travel in Time, require the player to solve murders across many epochs of history, from ancient times to Renaissance to the present. Players in Criminal Casework as detectives to solve murder cases and complete the game script. Objects on the screen can be selected by clicking to reveal relevant clues from the crime scene. 

It is more important to finish fast to get a higher score. Players gain stars after completing cases by examining evidence and questioning suspects. In addition to realistic, complicated cases, players may encounter lengthy ones in the course of the game. During the investigation, players can discover the details of the victim’s death, the manner in which the victim died, and their relationship to the suspect in the case. In the end, the player must present all suspects and arrest those who meet the criteria by the time the investigation is complete. If you make the right decision, the case is over and you can move on to the next one.

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In this game, you mostly play by yourself, but you can also take part in games with friends. Players can choose a partner from a team of three to help them investigate each crime scene. Additionally, while investigating the case, players must solve a variety of puzzle elements. The clues for the culprit cases, for example, are hidden in puzzle-like scenarios and must be rearranged by clicking and dragging a few times to become clear.

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