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Due to the extreme inhibitions in Death Road to Canada APK, it is considered to be “the most expensive” mobile game on the market. The game is built on the zombie genre, and it is a roguelike. People play games and spend money to buy new phones on a daily basis! My take on Death Road to Canada is that it’s a humorous adventure story with zombies. We have played other games of the same genre where zombies are not the main plot.

According to the prophecy of the apocalypse in the Bible, the world needs to be purified by a natural catastrophe. Another zombie army attacked this time. In Death Road to Canada, the zombies appear in countless numbers without ever mentioning the reason for them, the virus, or the enduring connection between the zombies and humanity. For some reason, Canada is the only nation that doesn’t have zombies in the midst of such horror. There is only one survivor from Florida who wants to make it across this dangerous border.

There remains a hellish road to heaven. There are many dangers in the game that will cost you your life: no food, darkness, hungry zombies who hunt by day and night and that can attack at any time… For survival mode, you must manage the following four data well: Food, Health, Weapons, and Fuel (this last element is necessary only for vehicle-playing). In Death Road to Canada, there is something odd about the gameplay. It is possible to select different modes.

In the first game, you win and get everything, while in the second you die and nothing is gained. A selection of characters is available at the beginning, from which you can choose your ideal model. You will gain more skills, weapon upgrades, and health if you shoot as many zombies as possible wherever you play. Then, when enough has been accumulated, you may open a new character with greater skills than your current one. Alternatively, you can play with other players and chew the heads of the zombies with your friends. The game is extremely fair, so you do not need to worry about cheating. 

Naturally, this mode of play will increase the difficulty, speed, and number of zombie swarms. A third option is to use vehicles as support. Driving a car, you’ll find yourself on challenging roads crowded with zombies. It’s like racing mixed with zombies, where you need to crash your car while shooting the zombies and go to the promised land. Additionally, you need to perform quite a bit of manipulation in the game. The process must have taken you a number of turns (I mean, lives) to master. For instance, when playing solo or in a team. 

Navigation on the screen can be done by using your thumb to move the character. In the lower right corner is a hand-shaped icon that lets you interact with this map. Knuckle the hand of the opponent when fighting in melee. By selecting the weapon switch button, you can switch between ranged weapons. It will take some time to get used to these actions, but if you do, then you will be able to combine them to work better. It is important to remember that speed is key to winning this game.  There are two bright spots in Death Road to Canada’s gameplay. The first is Siege events. In this mid-scene, you must survive at all costs until the end of the time period of your event. 

In this game, you get a pleasant “surprise” when there are zombies running into you that aren’t hesitant to get at you. In order to survive until the time runs out, you must shoot as many bullets as possible. Additionally, the scenario system in the game is based on the players’ decisions. There is a sporadic element to the choices you have to make, and they are both funny and odd. You’ll come across an empty car that has canned food in it along the way, for example. Is that something you’ll eat? The game asks for that information. If you consume food, a large amount of blood will soon fill your precious bloodstream. Kind of!

The repercussions of these choices are even more apparent when playing team mode, where mistakes and emotional decisions can sometimes bring death to your fellow players. There will be an overwhelming feeling of regret as you go on. Because there were some consequences/outcomes that I never thought about before, after having made a few choices in the game, I really respected the scriptwriters. Anyway, this adds a completely new dimension to the game and makes it more engaging.

The classic 8-bit pixel graphics of Death Road to Canada add to the humor of the game. But it’s not your average 8 bit, it’s an incredibly beautiful retro vintage 8 bit. In the game, all characters are young, attractive men and women with stunning hair and interesting costumes akin to real pop stars. Additionally, the characters are seen shooting guns in the game as if they were real stars. Her cheerful appearance did not appear to be connected to her deadly surroundings. The game is so funny because of that strange catalyst.

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The game is worth playing if you are into the zombie genre, like humor, hate falsehood, hate peace, love mess, and mostly hate neatness. You will also see your mood swing like the slide of a jigsaw puzzle when you spend time repenting after making the wrong choice. However, the game’s overall aim is to convey the idea “Everything will be fine as long as you smile”. This funny game is available for free download here.


When it comes to the zombies, well, there are none of those dreadful bulging eyes, dark blue faces, and sore mouths we’re used to seeing. They now look like convex, chaotic color blocks and resemble unfinished human drawings when viewed through 8-bit pixel eyes. If you look at their drawings you will not be scared, but rather angry at the mess they drew. The collection of environments in Death Road to Canada is extremely diverse and detailed, and the screen is not as wobbly as other pixel games. The music and sound in the game are also quite catchy, and the mood is very different from the usual heavy one that is found in zombie games. Although your hands are shaking when you’re going through the forest, you might be excited to sway to the cheerful music in the game.

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