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Is there anything inside the earth’s crust that you’ve ever wondered about? Could there be an underground civilization, or is it just earth, rock, and rare metals? It has been demonstrated that underground is a habitat for millions of different types of bacteria. Very few species of plants and animals can survive and grow at such high temperatures. Nevertheless, if you are interested in exploring the underground world, try this game. The mining simulation game Deep Town combines fantasy elements with mining simulation. It takes you to the center of planets where deep adventures await you.

On Google Play, a simulation game developed by Rock bite Games has received more than 10 million downloads. Get a glimpse of how mineral miners work deep underground. A factory system and a town system can be built. Make the factory a success by becoming a factory manager. The surface of every planet is covered with layers. A wide variety of metals, minerals, gems, and other resources are found on the earth. We are fortunate to have those resources from nature. 

Consequently, concentrating your efforts on the mining industry allows you to quickly reap large profits. In order to protect the environment, you need to understand how to do so. It is a combination of many different types of games including a clicker, idle, management, simulation, and strategy. Mining stations can be built once you find a cave suitable for mining. Using a laser gun, drill lots of holes deep into the underground floors using a lot of drill bits. At a certain depth, a robot can find relics from ancient civilizations, including relics of human ancestors.

As the head of a mining company in Deep Town, your role is to make informed decisions about the firm. The mining company is under your management and all processes related to it are under your control. Locate potential mines and exploit the maximum amount of resources possible using modern machinery and technology. Discovering new zones is one of the most useful features that can greatly maximize profits. A mine that is too deep may be quite expensive too. In this game, there are ten zones. Rather than digging deeper, you might want to change your zone logically.

The result is that mines run more smoothly while thereby saving you significant money. Take advantage of modern technology in order to utilize as many resources as possible. You start off with just some manual machines. In addition to buying a drone with a lot of money, one can buy various modern machines. You receive money and upgrades by clicking, but your device continues to work even when it’s offline. Within a few years, you will gradually notice your role fading in this company.

The underground is filled with countless dangers. There are no real monsters in this world. Every time they try to disrupt your mining process, they sabotage it. To beat the game’s monsters, you need not only to upgrade the factory but also to craft powerful weapons. A number of weapons are available in Deep Town, such as Ice Freeze, Nano Cloud, and Fire Blast. Upgrade your weapons to keep your mine protected from monster hordes. It is as if each mine contains a book of knowledge concerning the Earth’s structure and core. The composition of the earth, its history, and how it was formed are important to know. 

Download Deep Town MOD APK

How interesting would it be to become the mining tycoon of Deep Town? Exploiting, expanding, and constructing your own factory. Gameplay is free of charge without the need for an internet connection. Everywhere and at any time, you can play. You can still get paid the next morning even when you sleep because your company continues to run. For those who enjoy idle miner games, you may want to try Idle Miner Tycoon.


This is the game you need to learn that. Deep Town modeled many ancient civilizations that were very fascinating. It is a free and independent game, which allows you to explore, experiment, and gain experience. With the MOD version of the game installed by APKMODY, you’ll have infinite cash and crystals. Your factory can be upgraded without the worry of financial problems.

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