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Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series made by Bruckheimer are familiar with Jack Sparrow, who is known for his intelligence, beguiling, and negotiating abilities. In addition to all the above, Sparrow is one of Brethren’s nine, controlling the seven oceans. You ought to aim to be like him one day. I will introduce you to the DOKDO game that lets you be a captain and exhibit your boating skills.

This is a simulation game developed by Zoo. You play as a captain and embark on a voyage around the world of the sea. However, in the sea you pass, it contains many dangerous creatures, including pirates. The game has prepared you with powerful cannonball cannons and a battle boat.

Your goal is to navigate your boat very skillfully, dodging attacks from enemies, while shooting to destroy their ships. The way to get the most valuable resources is to take down your opponents, and when they drop the treasure, you can get a lot of resources.

The anchor will lower the anchor and you can begin the process of enhancing your ship. However, progress can’t be done during ocean surface activity. Look for nearby islands that are located in a harbor. Lower the anchor and start the upgrade process. There are five important upgrades, from HP to Speed to Turning to Damage and Catch. You should upgrade them equally. If your speed is low and the damage is too high, your ship will be destroyed easily by the enemy.

Because of speed, your team cannot chase them. With each upgrade, you will need more gold and the fishes in storage. More gold can be earned by defeating other opponents, and as for fishes, you will have to take them yourself while sailing. Fighting and fishing in the free time will give you the most exciting life ever!

There are two main modes of play in DOKDO: the story mode and the arena battle mode. In the story mode, you complete the tasks in each level and will receive additional challenges in each level. Arena Battle mode takes place in the World Arena, where captains from all over the world come together to contest each other’s skills.

Download DOKDO Mod APK

DOKDO is now available for free download. Here are some notes:

  • Installation instructions can be found on our website.
  • The CPU-Z app is the easiest way to check the CPU and GPU on your Android device.


Right now, you can become a captain and dominate the sea with DOKDO. With stunning graphics and excellent gameplay, you will engage in fierce battles to claim territory. Don’t let other people have the opportunity to ruin your dreams by downloading this game to war.

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