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In your daily life, would you like to be as adventurous and exciting as in an action movie? The SWAT teams you become are fully armed, and you are given dangerous missions, such as smashing criminals’ cars. Are you starting to feel excited about the upcoming trip? Doors Kickers – a highly addictive tactical game by KillHouse Games is sure to bring you all the surprises you have ever wanted. There is no easy way to play this game. You need a smart tactic that combines judgment, case-control, and good tactics. A special mission team from your organization will be assigned the task of breaking into the homes of criminals and quickly destroying them.

The original team of yours will consist of about 3-4 members when you start out at level 1. To upgrade their equipment, you’ll need to help them overcome challenging and difficult tasks. They’re equipped with heavy weapons, such as sniper rifles, rifles, grenades, bombs, etc. Approximately 80 missions await you. The higher the difficulty level, the more difficult it becomes. A house sits on top of a slab that allows you to view the panorama from above. Life, however, is not apparent. You could figure out the number of people in each room and where they are located using the diagram and the sizes of the rooms in the house.

Once you have your raid team drawn, you will start drawing lines for each one. First, break the walls with any weapon; Second, decide the direction of each agent: Who goes first and where, how each person is oriented, use weapons, … All of this must be calculated by you. A careful and detailed job. You are likely to lose team members if you make a mistake during typing or misjudge the number of criminals in the room. It was successful in destroying the house’s doors and killing all the criminals inside it without misses. Your teamwork performance will determine whether or not you receive the star number and completion of the quest.

There is significance in that star. it will help you unlock new equipment and upgrade equipment for your special mission team members. Weapons and armor consume different numbers of stars, possibly 2-5 stars, depending on what they do. It means you need to complete as many tasks efficiently as possible by equipping your team with the latest equipment. Plus, you’ll be able to summon more members when you reach a higher level. With increasing difficulty, the task becomes too large and complex to be handled by a small team. Each raid team has 10 people, can break into several groups, especially when houses have two to three doors, which can allow them to pass outside …

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The free Door Kickers download is now available to you. The following notes are provided:

  • You may take a look at our guide for installation.
  • You can check the CPU and GPU on your Android device using the CPU-Z app


A 2D graphic design in the direction of horror is featured in the game. In this house, the rooms are like bloody scabs and the bass looks the same. Similarly, the grey space represents the night, corresponding to the game content as raiding tactics. While performing their duties, the lines representing the direction of movement and the weapons have been designed in bright colors and are not overlapping among the members. In this game, your strategic capabilities will be revealed, and you will be able to demonstrate your great judgment. If you’re looking for a game with suspense, Door Kickers will surely bring you that thrill. A new and exciting content game, it’s bound to be a memorable experience. Get to work and take out the criminals in their lair, it’s time to prove justice can be done. Get started now by downloading and playing.

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