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Consider using DraStic DS Emulator on your Android device if you are looking for an Android emulator for Nintendo DS. It is an emulator that makes it possible to play Android mobile games right on your phone. It is easy to simulate favorite DS games here, while many novel features keep players entertained. Moreover, players can use the DS emulator on their phones from anywhere and at any time. Android users can also enjoy the best Nintendo DS emulator, DraStic DS Emulator. In the action category, it is published and provided by Exophase house. 

It is a popular simulation application for Android that is free to use and can be downloaded for free. This application has been heavily upgraded and improved in order to provide players with value and exciting experiences. Using this software, players can play Nintendo DS games at full speed on multiple devices. Additionally, it is considered as the emulator with the highest number of players. In most cases, it only emulates games that you can play on your device. The players can interact with the emulator in this version and discover more incredible things than they did in the original. As well as editing and customizing operations on the screen are easy. 

Take advantage of the game’s content to make it memorable. A developer is thoughtful in providing a multitude of useful features in the DraStic DS Emulator that allows thousands of players to experience the same thing. What makes it unique is that the gameplay is more satisfying and fun thanks to the enhanced visuals. Compared to the original, this version appears to be even more improved and upgraded. The emulator routinely increases the resolution of 3D graphics games by two times. The game also allows players to sync their saved games with online Google Drive. Therefore, players can pause, play, and then restart whenever they wish.

In addition, you can sync across many different devices in the most efficient way. At present, the game supports the Xperia Play, NVIDIA SHIELD, and some other gamepads. Additionally, you can customize up to two screens simultaneously. Players can easily learn how to use this emulator, as its operations are quite simple. Once you get familiar and begin exploring games deeper into the DraStic DS Emulator, you will, of course, be entertained and delighted by the detail and completeness of the controls provided. Then, you can add your own customizations to your games. A physical controller will make playing the game easier and more enjoyable.

In addition, this game also allows you to customize and easily customize the sound quality. The sounds match every part, giving you a captivating experience. The game can also be sped up, the touch screen hidden, the virtual keyboard rotated, and the screen rotated. The two screens can be customized to match each other by choosing landscape or portrait modes. There is even a useful fast-forward button that allows players to speed up the simulation. Simulation titles cannot compare to the special characteristics of this simulator. If you are playing DS games on this application. 

The graphics are always super awesome and much better than DS Emulator’s. Generally, the graphics used in the game have been enhanced and designed to work with whatever device you own. Additionally, it offers thousands of cheat codes to refine your gaming experience beyond the enhanced 3D graphics. During the game, players can use the perfect cheat codes so that the game becomes more interesting. This allows you to alter game data easily by using hacker copies and give your character many advantages. This is a function that you can use to speed up and simplify your gameplay.

Download Drastic DS Emulator APK

The DraStic DS Emulator is now available for free download. I have some notes to share:

  • Refer to our installation guide for more information.
  • The CPU and GPU of an Android device can be checked by downloading CPU-Z


According to the above information, this emulator should be considered one of the best for Android. You can discover and play many great Nintendo games through this app. The best emulator for professional players is this one. It provides a wide range of options while playing games. Furthermore, this emulator will give you a better gaming experience than a real console. The DS series of games are incredibly loved and passionately played by those who have downloaded this application.

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