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Dream Girlfriend Mod Apk is a Japanese game that has a 2D interface that lets you customize your avatar. Dress up and change your outfit as you play this dressing simulation-based game.

Anime should be customized according to your own taste. Make the character exceptionally appealing with all possible means.

The wardrobe and physical appearance of the character may be changed. Change the tone, hair color, and style of the Anime.

Dream Girlfriend Mod APK

This game is full of emotions you can use on your avatar, in short, you will take control over your Anime avatar, customize it to your liking, and define his personality.

Being a simulation-based dress-up game, it has a number of features that are difficult to describe. However, we outlined all the most important features in this article for you.


  • 2D technology
  • Speech Variation
  • Customizable
  • Interface Compatibility
  • Fashion Competition
  • Shopping
  • Size
  • Secure

Create Anime

You’ll be asked to create your own Anime from the ground up. The project will include Anime with no emotions. Customize the Anime from the beginning to the end. Make it as beautiful as possible.

2D technology

By using 2D technology, when customizing your Anime, senses are also provided to your Anime. This will cause it to look more realistic and closest to real emotions.

Speech Variation

You may change the accent and tone of your Anime with 11 different speech variations.


Walk through 20 different wardrobe options for your anime and choose what you like.


You will find simple and easy-to-use gestures with guideposts within the interface of the Dream Girlfriend Mod Apk. No matter what you do first is going to be narrated through guides.

In the future if you want to learn about new stuff you can access the guide post whenever you need to.


There is close compatibility between the application and every android based device to be found, with the lack of the only requirement of having Android 4.2 and above.

Fashion Competition

You can make your Anime compete in a classic competition. The more captivating your Anime is, the more chances you will have to win the completion.


If you shop for your Anime in the store and complete the customer service task, you will be awarded coins. These coins can be used for purchasing items for the Pokemon you’re customizing.


Almost negligible is the size of the Dream Girlfriend Apk, so adding it won’t interfere with your device’s storage.


As for the Modded version, users believe that it is not safe to install for your devices, but we have researched and found reviews from people who have used the Modded version which is quite positive.


Several dress-up games are available on the google play store, but most of them are bounded to a specific place like they would only let you do hairstyling or play with nails and nail paint only.

This one of the best games on the google play store that will let you make your own anime from the very beginning is Dream Girlfriend. It ought to be downloaded and played since it can help you get away from boredom.


Q: Does Dream Girlfriend include in-app purchases?

There is, but you will never be forced to purchase in-app purchases, as those purchases are optional. If you want to pay for them then you can, but otherwise, you will never be forced to do so.

Q: Dream Girlfriend is free available on the google play store?

The Google Play store offers this application for download, so you can get it there.

Q: How can we install the Modded version of Dream Girlfriend?

For the Modded version, you require clicking on the links mentioned above. It will automatically commence the installation without asking for any personal information.

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