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This MMORPG will watch four kingdoms rise with clans clashing in medieval civilization. Empires of the stone age will build fortresses & empires with townsmen as they forge alliances & alliances. Empire Four Kingdoms is a massively multiplayer online game, which features the rise of civilizations from four corners of the globe & the clash of kings to prove their might, a journey through traditional medieval times.

An empire game the size of this one will give glory & victory to the true warlord who currently sits on the iron-designed throne that most call the bling kingdom.

The medieval era was a time of stone age resources that were traded in strategic ways to build an empire. You’ll defend your kingdom by building fortresses and castles against dragons and ruling kings. Become an alliance with other multi-players & conquer rival clans to gain territory and conquer rivals on an interactive world map.

It is eminent that a war of dragons will take place, so train your knights to be the king of kings as the reign of fire descends, Then hunt down escaping lords with archers, after which shoot at them with arrows. You need support from other Empire Kingdoms, MMOs, or join the active forum for advice on how to be the most powerful among them.

Build a plethora of different constructions and trade resources to gain gold and silver in return for swords, shields, wood, and fire. United we stand, divided we fall – Combine your forces and conquer rival kings in MMO battle. Defense your castle from an attack, and win a medieval battle of epic proportion.

Conquer your enemies and enjoy epic PvP strategy. Do you have what it takes to conquer the Four Kingdoms, fight battles to defend your castle, and build a huge army? With this epic game, you can build a resourceful army, employ cunning strategies to defend your kingdom, and manage your alliances wisely.

With powerful rulers, exciting battles & strategic masterminds, your best skills will come to the fore in this award-winning multiplayer strategy & war game – Empire: Four Kingdoms.

Among the imperialist rulers who rule the townsmen in despair and capable of striking new wars of dragons, the earth empire must be protected from various clans of kingdoms during the stone age. These forces have forged the throne through deceit, and it’s up to you to use their powers against these empires and claim victory.

A social empire cannot be won by just attacking it. There must be strategy & planning involved, resources have to be collected, and empires have to be built in villages by constructing buildings,  Building town halls, building mines, mining stone, smelting weapons, training soldiers, knights, and archers on their lands. The earth empire must fight these cunning warlords.

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It is up to you to win clan wars and clan battles in order to raise a kingdom by conquering forts and knights in this strategy war game. Possessing the state buildings of various empires is the objective of this war strategy game.

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