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The “Escapeists” game for mobile devices plays just like the original PC version, allowing many prisoners to be released from jail. Naturally, the game is also prepared for all kinds of escape means, which allows players to pick from ordinary guards as well. Of course, as well as playing strategy games, players can also engage in major events by recruiting horses, or escape from a large fight with a vigorous escape. In addition to six different prison levels, there will be a World War II POW military camp map, which should be an intense challenge.

First of all, the theme of the game is jailbreak, players are looking forward to playing as a prisoner who enjoys an overly comfortable prison life because the prison life is boring and so I just want to play as a prisoner. One can escape prison in several ways, such as digging through a prison fence, or fooling guards to open the prison gate; however, all of these require you to maintain a steady pace in prison. Players have to follow the itinerary, eat, exercise, take a bath, and gather in prison… What should you do when a prison guard is staring at you because of your irregular behavior? The game failed because there is not enough room to go.

In addition to following the itinerary events, the game uses a night and day timing system. Furthermore, in his free time, the player secretly carries out his jailbreak program during his spare time. You can use NPCs to interact with other NPCs to obtain gold coins, and then use NPCs to purchase Quest Essentials or Escape Escapes at the NPC. -apKawArd.cOm Additionally, the game has an intimate setting, so if you fight with prisoners, it will reduce your intimacy, which will make people see you want to play, and if the NPC doesn’t want to sell to you, they will not trust you. Those who wish to please them can give them some things they like, if you accidentally sent something wrong, intimacy will be lowered.

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As you begin to use the game, you may feel some difficulties, such as the control not being flexible enough, being unprepared for the method of doing the task, not knowing how to create synthetic objects, and how to escape. The gameplay is very rich and can be explored once you have explored some (in-game time), after all, after all, it is worth exploring because, after some exploration, it can be understood.


The Escapist is a simulation game for Android that allows players to control a prisoner and assist him in escaping. Throughout this game, you will encounter many puzzles and dangerous missions to complete. You should be afraid of meeting the guards as you travel through the prison. You will have to manage your character and find the items needed and the keys to open all the locked doors inside the prison. The police are pursuing you so you must escape prison and hide. Hundreds of items and bonuses await players in The Escapists. Compete against your friends in this game, and set records.

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