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The Fallout Shelter simulation game is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Xbox One devices. Developed by Behavior Interactive and Bethesda Game Studios, the game was released in 2015. In this Fallout action game, players have to find ways to survive in an apocalyptic world. Gameplay and critical reviews have been overwhelmingly positive since the game was launched. It is not surprising that the game has been recognized with many awards, such as Google Play Best of 2015, DICE Award for Mobile Game of the Year, and winner of the Golden Joystick Award for Handheld or Mobile Game.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch has you building an amusement park, but Fallout Shelter requires you to build a nuclear bunker. It is your duty to construct an apocalyptic bunker shelter (called the Vault) for everyone to avoid a nuclear attack. In this world, joy is not important any longer; all that remains is life and death. Vaults will slowly attract people to your base after they are built. It is now your turn to be the boss, the manager. Ensure that your residents have food, water, and electricity to sustain them by guiding and leading them in building and expanding a shelter. A mouse, cockroach, or bug becomes extremely large when exposed to radiation. 

Your base will be attacked every day, so you must prepare weapons to defend it. Expandable rooms are available, so don’t waste your time building silly rooms. If your base gets too big, you’ll have problems if you have a crowded population. If you have a large room, you can connect it with other rooms more easily than a small room. They require more resources and time to construct, however. Additionally, building power plants and nuclear reactors is an essential part of keeping a base energy-efficient.  It is actually impossible to live underground without sufficient lights and equipment. 

In order to save energy, the power plants need to be built evenly so that rooms far from the power plants can use less energy. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats are assigned to Fallout Shelter residents and correspond to Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Residents can accomplish their tasks more efficiently if the arrangement in the room is based on their abilities. The power plant gains manufacturing capabilities with Strength, while the radio attracts people with Charisma…

Your facility’s residents will not only attract residents from outside but will also be able to marry and spawn, increasing the number of residents. It is also important to provide your residents with enough food and water, as well as the right jobs they want or to organize marriage ceremonies for couples. A pregnant woman’s happiness index is 100%. Keep up with the growth of your population by upgrading your facility. You have the option of choosing from two types of laboratories: Stimpacks and Radway. It is the responsibility of the labs to produce medicine and other useful items for the residents. 

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This game not only has simulation features, but also offers a huge universe, stories, and a lot of interesting content. The App Store and Google Play each offer a wide variety of free games that you can download. Here are the links you need to follow in order to download the game so you can build your vault.


You can heal with Stimpacks when you have giant cockroaches attacking your base and detoxify with Radway when your residents are under threat from giant cockroaches. Though this feature may be costly, it is much better than being pushed out of your residence. Although the outside world can be dangerous, outside items and materials are crucial to upgrading your base. Give someone the skills, equipment, Stimpacks, and Radway, and then he will bring you lots of valuable items. A rush operation is one that allows you to complete your operation quickly instead of waiting. It is, however, quite risky to use this feature. All will be well if you succeed, and no one will be harmed. If you fail, then you will ignite the room, destroy many things and cause mice and cockroaches to attack. fallout shelter mod apkfallout shelter mod APK.

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