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Ensure that you understand the things you need to do to become a good manager through Food Street MOD APK.  Through this game, you’ll learn a lot about starting up a restaurant.

Food Street, a restaurant management game by Supersolid, lets you unleash the creativity and design of your store. You’ll have to turn it into a legendary restaurant, complete with great food and great sales. The cool 3D city has very cute characters, a food garden, cooking classes, and recipes that you can prepare.

Food Street’s restaurant manager will have the pleasure of creating delicious dishes and serving them to customers, growing the restaurant bigger and accommodating hundreds of customers.

Food Street will allow you to create the photo-realistic story of your restaurant’s management from start to finish. Can you make your dream of running a famous restaurant come true? Join now and find out!

You will start managing Food Street with just a small restaurant, which has few customers despite the dish’s delicious taste. Since the revenue is low and the restaurant is sparsely populated, you have to improve it to attract more customers. Decorating, expanding your restaurant, your garden, and adding stations for different foods are all possible.

Additionally, you must design a comfortable dining space for customers in terms of restaurant ornamentation, since space influences customers’ perception of a dish. You can choose between a romantic, cosy restaurant or a French restaurant, depending on the style.

Consider purchasing uniforms for your restaurant personnel. If your restaurant’s corner is empty, consider adding a piano, aquarium, or Christmas tree. The choice is yours.

To ensure food hygiene, you must have fresh and delicious ingredients for your restaurant. It is therefore essential that you build a farm to get fresh produce and use that produce in your dishes. Search for land, turn it into a farm, and cultivate the land to get more ingredients. You can raise cute animals that you can use to get food like eggs, milk, meat, etc., as well as pets, which you can use to attract customers.

As a manager, waiter, and chef in Food Street, you can figure out what customers need, how to serve them, and how the restaurant should be managed to achieve maximum efficiency.

You can prepare a dish that receives Michelin Stars without real-life cooking skills by playing Food Street. You will make your customers believe that you are Gordon Ramsay if you become a professional chef. Don’t make customers wait too long and prepare according to the menu. Otherwise, your restaurant will lose points of service, causing sales to fall off significantly.

Chefs in Food Street should cook according to their skills to satisfy customers, but they also need dedicated personnel to service them. You can reduce your workload by hiring service staff, but ensure they always smile at customers and serve them attentively. You’ll soon be famous for your cooking and service as diners only stop at restaurants that cook and serve well. A loyal customer will bring more customers, and you’ll soon establish yourself as one of the world’s best restaurants.

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Food Street is indeed a very charming and entertaining restaurant management simulation game for the Android platform. With a fun gameplay and beautiful 3D graphics, even the most demanding gamers will be satisfied.


Participating in contests and winning prizes can also help you promote your brand. Be sure to attend events to win incredible rewards.

A large number of gems is provided from the outset of the MOD. Gems are the premium currency of the game. You can use gems to buy, upgrade, and use them in a wide variety of ways.

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