Hay Day Mod APK [Unlimited Gems/Coins/Seeds]

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In the past, players have loved farm management games for their gentle, playful, peaceful country style. Supercell has developed a number of popular farm games, including Hay Day MOD APK (Unlimited Coins, Gems, Seeds) developed for Android.

As of now, Hay Day is available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to virtually all players in the world. The game has been developed for five years.

It’s a real farm game, and you’ll earn a lot of money. You’ll start with a small farm with cottages, ranches, and rough fields. By using the free seeds Hay Day provides, you can start farming now. Plant seeds and spray water until the plant’s bloom. The farm produces you harvest can be sold for a lot of money, which you can then use to purchase more expensive plants.

By harvesting plants on the farm, you will earn experience points, which will enable you to upgrade your farm and unlock more items, plants, and other exciting elements. There are countless types of plants, which you will be able to choose from among the pets.

The life cycle of plants is highlighted in Hay Days, where some plants are harvested three times later, and they wither. You cannot do anything but leave a ‘Help’ table where your neighbors can spray water, but you can leave your own. If you “save” a plant, you will have to harvest it three times more until it becomes totally withered and you can’t plant new ones.

Additionally to plants, the presence of pets also contributes to Hay Day’s popularity. In addition to many kinds of animals to care for, hay day also has two pet breeds Dogs, and Cats, which bring you tremendous amounts of experience and very interesting items. For two pets to live, you will need to buy a house for them and feed them nearly every day.

There is also a dock where you can ship items when you reach level 17. You have to spend 16000 coins and spend more than a day repairing the dock. The ship will only bring you new shipments after 4 hours.

If you need to, use five diamonds to unlock the harbor. You will have access to the fishing with a fishing boat, a fishing man, a big lake, and a desk to make bait. There are instructions in Hay Day about how to catch fish.

In Hay Day, you can spin the wheel by hitting the car parked in front of your farm every day, ensure your mailbox contains a gift card every day, and watch the television ad to earn diamonds.

When you reach level 7, you get access to the Roadise Shop, which will be a small booth for you to sell your items to others. If they are visiting your farm, they will see it and can buy it if they want.

Hay Day offers you the chance to make friends and chat with people around the world, whether it is stealing agricultural products or helping your neighbors with their crops.

  • You can spend as much money as you want
  • No limit to seeds

The MOD version may not be up to date and may not work.

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The most popular farming game in the world is Hay Day. With more than 20 million players worldwide, Hay Day is the largest farm game. Hay Day is available for Android and iOS devices. See the links below to download the game.


Hay Day is a 3D farm simulator with colorful graphics and a charming design. There is plenty of entertainment in creating houses, plants, and pets, and the background music is upbeat and serene. Those who love farm simulation games will find Hay Day to be satisfying and enjoyable.

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