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In 2018, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has been dubbed one of the hottest mobile games because it is not just a novel, but also an inspiration for those creating mobile games. As a result of the release of Warner Bros Interactive’s Game of Thrones game, Jam City has given this game great support. Harry Potter is no longer a subject for discussion since it is too famous and endless in so many areas. This novel also appeals to me. There is no reason not to play the games related to the subject. Harry Potter is one of the most popular games I know. There are 8 games from Electronic Arts, while Lego Harry Potter is owned by Warner Bros. Among other Harry Potter games, there is Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup, as well as Harry Potter Kinect.

There wasn’t a lot of gameplay information released by the publisher when this review was written. There seems to be no doubt about the details. It will help you become a character from the story, learn special skills at Hogwarts, join the club, and enjoy classes at Black Hawk Defense and Potion. Alternatively, you may become their enemy or even meet and become friends with others there. It’s not surprising that you have enemies here, since even Harry Potter has many haters. Developers say friendship is a factor that affects the plot, as well as the experience each player will have, which is unique. Other RPG games focus on a fighting system, but Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery doesn’t. 

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Despite not yet being available worldwide, this game is available in some regions as a soft launch. Those of you who are real fans can install this APK and enjoy the game. Among other Harry Potter games, Wizards Unite is likely to launch at the same time as Hogwarts Mystery, also available for iOS and Android.


The seven years of studying here will be spent experiencing school life. Therefore, it is easy to see the same scenes on television as shown in films. Playing the role-playing game is designed to be easy for players to manipulate using a point-and-click interface. Using the instructions and information provided at the start of the game, click on the positions on the screen to complete the tasks. This game is somewhat classic in design and perfectly captures what it was like in the 1980s. The design on a good 3D background, the magic effect, and the appearance of the character are quite similar to the original. The four legendary wizards, Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort, are all returning.

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