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You may have seen Austin’s happy face on the icon for Homescapes, including the previous version, Gardenscapes, on the Play Store top list. In recent years, millions of people have played both games around the world. What are the reasons? Township and Gardenscapes are simpler, but equally clever games so are Homescapes. There is no doubt that Playrix Games scrutinized favorite genres: puzzle games such as Candy Crush and decorating games like The Sims. In this case, we focused on combining the two genres while also adding a storyline to the game. Thus, Homescapes created something other games could not and always kept players guessing what would happen next. 

Often, we recall the most precious memories of childhood when we dream of returning there. The same goes for Austin. Despite living in many different homes in his life as a butler, Austin considers the house where he lived with his parents as his favorite. Despite being away for so many years, Austin decided to return to the house where he spent his childhood. As Austin arrived at the house after a long journey, he was surprised to find that it had been heavily neglected due to prolonged unused use. As the room sat vacant after his parents left, it began to deteriorate: the carpet was thrown out a long time ago, the room became dusty after an extended period of time, the chair tore, the stairs were broken… Mr. Austin decided to repair the house to welcome them back.

Austin will ask you to solve match-3 puzzles as his companion, and in exchange, you will receive gold coins for Austin to spend on the necessary items. Depending on the conditions in each level, you can make identical items disappear by matching identical ones vertically or horizontally. It is usual to collect or remove certain tiles, to break cookie pieces, and so forth in cross-screening. As Austin completes each stage, he’ll have enough money to repair a part of his childhood home. In the event that four or five consecutive cells form a right angle, there is a special boost. With over 400 levels to challenge you, the game contains over 400 missions.

While playing, you will earn money to help Austin purchase new furniture, including fish tanks, armchairs, and doorbells. You will receive a bonus for completing a quest, and this bonus will help Austin purchase the items he needs for his house. Money is one of the most important aspects of the game Homescapes. Additionally, you can explore an amazingly rich world in Homescapes, along with this intriguing puzzle mechanism. Throughout the episode, Austin introduces new items to parents and meets new characters with their own eccentricities.

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Therefore, Homescapes has a lot to offer – a combination of puzzle play and building houses along with storytelling that has appealed to millions of players. Austin’s somewhat bizarre world is now at your fingertips if you’ve never explored it before.


In the game, you can view Austin’s and the other characters’ activities on a Facebook-style message line, “Homespace.”. His Instagram page is also very active! Featuring a 3D engine and cute, animated graphics, Homescape has an attractive design. All players will enjoy the game, especially girls and those who have lots of free time. Gameplay-wise, Homescapes is quite easy and quite enjoyable. Play Austin’s housekeeper’s childhood home and help her build Austin’s childhood home. You are initially moving into a shabby, old house, but it will soon be improved. A MOD version is available for those who wish to have unlimited stars at their disposal. There are no unlimited stars at starting, but they won’t decrease when used.

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