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If you are wondering why I have not introduced a role-playing action game (ARPG) before? Because this is a popular sub-genre of the RPG genre, so I normally recommend these games and usually categorize them under the RPG genre. I really enjoy playing games within this genre, and I discovered an excellent game called Honkai Impact 3 developed by miHoYo.

Honkai Impact 3 is among the best of its kind in the anime game genre, so whenever I play, I can’t find another game that has better graphics than Honkai. I also enjoyed the game because it has a very interesting storyline that combines a lot of humanity. A version of the game is currently available for iOS and Android mobile platforms.

If you like Japanese manga, you may know about Guns Girl. The story in the game revolves around the trio Kiana, Raiden Mei, and Bronya who team up against the “Honkai”, which is a mysterious force attacking human civilization. In the world of Honkai Impact 3, the three fight together against Honkai to save the world. Opening the game will be Honkai’s landing on the planet. Kiana now flies from the sky with the purpose of ruling the earth.

Honkai Impact 3 enables you to take control of Hyperion’s command as a commander and recruit and fight alongside Valkyrie’s warrior. Three types of characters, three different attributes, and three different fighting styles are up for grabs right now. That number may grow as the series is updated so that you can have an even more enjoyable combat experience.

I believe the game’s combat is unique, and the controls feel like consoles, especially in non-target combat. The game’s intensity combined with the blows and gas is impressive. It is also notable that the character is quite meticulous in addition to fighting. You will feel the awesome effect as you play the game and experience thrilling action that is sure to create an unforgettable experience.

The three-dimensional view of the game adds an actual glimpse to the game experience. You can move the game character anywhere in the world, as well as alter the angle thanks to the three-dimensional view of the game.

Characters in the game have a very rich system. You can unlock new characters as you progress through the game, and each character comes with its own set of skills and equipment that increase character stats. You’ll be tasked with gathering experience points as you go along the game’s journey. You will also be required to participate in PVE battles and join the guild to participate in many other activities.

On occasion, you can chat with characters in Hyperion’s flagship game, poking fun at them or even poking fun at them to increase your score.

Download Honkai Impact 3 Mod APK

Honkai Impact 3 has possessed unique and innovative animations along with unique and sophisticated graphics. Game size up to 2GB, a size equivalent to 3D games.

The background music in the game is quite attractive, when soothing, when exciting according to your current activity, and is voiced by some of the most prominent artists in the industry.


Honkai Impact 3 is a promising mobile game that I really enjoy playing. You can download the game in many languages, it is gorgeous, and it is available for all ages. For someone who loves an action-packed RPG like me, the game deserves to be on your phone. The game can be downloaded via the links below, including iOS and Android versions (with mod version)

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