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If you have dreams of having your own castle, try playing this role-playing game. With Hustle Castle MOD APK (Speed Hack, Premium Membership), you are a ruler of a kingdom in this popular game from This game has you building castles, assigning jobs to residents, protecting castles, and attacking neighboring countries.

Hustle Castle is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. If you’re interested in downloading it, read our Hustle Castle review below.

The graphics are pretty good for a 2D game, even though it only has 2D graphics. Despite the stunning pictures and excellent design, the music is rather flat and only average.

Hustle Castle bears a striking resemblance to Fallout Shelter both in terms of its way to play and context. However, I still find quite a few interesting things about this game. While Fallout Shelter has you planning things out, here you are more relaxed. While the game features many character classes and each has its own storyline, its storyline is abrupt and does not have much depth.

The game begins with Lord Abyss’s attack on the whole kingdom. The villain kidnapped the princess and wanted to marry her off. As a king, you must protect the princess, defeat lord Abyss and build your kingdom.

Unlike Fallout Shelter, you will construct a large castle with many rooms that each serve their own purpose. The three main types of rooms are:

  • There are several different types of production rooms in the castle, including Treasury rooms to store money and gold, Dining rooms to store food, Mana Pools and Mana Wells for storing mana, wooden storage rooms, and production rooms for iron and other metals.
  • Training rooms: These are rooms in which you train your residents. They are assigned to certain occupations, such as fighters, scientists, and smiths.
  • Rooms that produce weapons or restore health for gladiators, such as the Hospital and the Magic Workshop where you can make magic, and the Magic Lab, where you can create spells and enhance them. There are stairs connecting rooms in your castle.
  • As the Throne Room improves, new rooms are unlocked and upgraded. However, no room can surpass its level. The Arsenal skill unlocks defensive defenses, preventing enemy attacks.

There are all kinds of medieval horrific beasts like Orcs, giant skeletons, dragons,… waiting to attack your kingdom. Defense of one’s kingdom is the main goal of the Game of War. In fact, auto battles are built on the strength of gladiators and magicians. The warriors’ special skills are your responsibility, so you must choose skills appropriately. Even a weaker warrior can defeat a stronger one if they choose the proper skill set.

During PvP mode, you are automatically matched up with enemies of equal skill level, giving you the chance to gain gold, experience, or rarer materials and equipment for reaching that level.

Hustle Castle has become a very choppy game. I feel it is a true “pay to win” game, where you can purchase everything from reducing construction time, upgrade time, increase production, and get free items every day.

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Along with these elements, Hustle Castle features other fascinating features like the Clan system, a system for upgrading warrior gear, magic, and so on. If you like games like Fallout Shelter and want to play something similar, Hustle Castle is definitely a great choice. In order to experience the game, you must have a device connected to wifi or 3G.


The process of building or updating something takes a lot of time after the first few days. Building a room usually takes a few hours to a few days. If you don’t pay, your only option is to wait. It is almost certain you will surrender when you encounter paid players due to the power difference. Additionally, when you win a boss, the game requires paying for armor. That’s absurd.

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