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Through social networks, we can communicate, share information, and share beautiful moments with others. What makes us so extraordinary that we must be so special now from something so ordinary? There are some who think that sometimes a video is just something to post on a social media page. Why do we spend so much time correcting it? For those who are too busy to pay attention to social media, that is not wrong thinking. Nevertheless, we are different, we want to share our best moments with our closest friends, sometimes even friends who live far away. Let KineMaster make your videos look as good as possible with our video editing software!

You may also notice that KineMaster permits the editing of videos while they are being recorded. If every app in this category is used just once, then wouldn’t this one be the same as all the others? App developer’s description states that this application has all the tools and features you need to edit videos and movies as well as having other cool characteristics. Despite the fact that it is an application that has a variety of features and tools, users are able to use it easily. The first goal of developing this application was to make it one of the easiest-to-use video editors on the market today. This application can be launched by using a phone, tablet, or Chromebook that is connected to the Internet. 

As in addition, this is also an absolutely free application for everyone to download and try out. While browsing through it, we found that each application maker put a lot of effort into it. It is likely that KineMaster won’t be a perfect editing application without the essential features if we only look at a few introductions. Surely this app will bring us invaluable advantages, so let’s find out? Additions like color layers, stickers, and handwritten text are essential to primary video editors. In the meantime, this app has been a total success with this function, offering a large number of filter classes that can be added and graded quickly.

The application also comes with a sound adder and music, in addition to the visible part.  As soon as we own a video, let’s use the right music that can make it even more vivid and inviting for the viewers to engage with it more deeply. As well as that, there are a lot more special features!  The advanced video editor added to KineMaster’s basic video functions will help users create professional-quality videos. Consequently, this feature will be useful when editing videos such as those in 4k 60fps. Moreover, the accompanying ads will no longer bother users with the Premium account. The entire collection will be purged. 

We can then share it directly on our Facebook page using only a few easy steps, via the app editor. Among the features of KineMaster Lite will be its huge storefront where users can find the content they are looking for. Stores are like libraries, where users borrow books and return them after they are finished with them. Its entire content consists of effects and stickers, and the content is organized and categorized for users to enjoy exploring all their possibilities. Search and filtering capabilities will assist users in limiting their search and providing access to the appropriate content.

Color or shadow may deceive the viewer’s perception so that an ordinary work becomes a 3D object. As an example, KineMaster will let users make everything 3D for those who have never heard of it. One-touch is all it takes to create dozens of 3D effects thanks to its simple and intuitive mechanism. As a result, you can easily create numerous impressive details in the videos by stimulating their imagination and creativity.

Download KineMaster Pro

We have now made KineMaster available for free download. The following notes are provided:

  • Consult our installation guide for more information.
  • Use CPU-Z to check the processor and graphics card of your Android device


In addition, users will also be able to access a library of unique professional editing materials they can use on their videos. From the outset, we knew that the KineMaster videos we just produced would be appropriate for sharing across several social networks. Adding video sharing capabilities has also been psychologically difficult for developers. With this update, it will be much easier to record videos, connect a camcorder to a computer, edit the videos, and save them to the phone. It will sync for us simply by putting up the phone, recording a short video, and gaining access to the application. 

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