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YottaGames developer Mafia City Mod APK is a new mobile strategy game that takes its player to the deepest depravity in the underworld. For their hard work, you’ll be able to find or win the most advantageous deals in the game.

The game is set in the late ’30s. After an unexpected conflict with a group of criminals, a taxi driver named Tommy is accidentally dropped into the mysterious world of the Mafia. As he first sat with the Salieris’ family, he felt uncomfortable but later the money itself and the generous rewards blurred his eyes, making it impossible for him to turn down the deal.

However, the more money he got, the more criminal he became. Tommy’s finally got the respect of the Salieri’s after overcoming so many limits, dangers, and receiving more money. He was also confused because this position makes him think more. He fought himself for the new life he was accidentally chosen.

Playing Mafia City is like playing in a true criminal world when the game is full of blood and weapons. You get to take on the role of Tommy to establish a gang, do robberies, manage your own fiefdom, and destroy your enemies. You are not restricted to participate in only one single battle. You are not limited by language or country. No matter what your country is, you can play the game and compete for the title “Godfather”.

In Mafia City, you will travel over 12 square miles of New Heaven city, the famous New York with its famous world-class architecture and culture. Here you will face many famous gangs. You must beat the most powerful gang to extend your territory.

Aside from eliminating other gangs, playing Mafia City also includes a number of terrifying missions like those inspired by events in the US in the 1930s. These missions will impart a fresh feeling.

The game offers 60 classic cars with both realistic operation and design mechanisms. Besides, Mafia City provides you with a variety of weapons an array of Machine Guns, shotguns, baseball bats… It makes your conquests more rewarding.

Your base of operations is extremely important, so you’ll need to upgrade it first before you can build any other buildings. In Mafia City, there are multiple buildings to build, each with its own effects. A training center or Bootleg market will help you create and unlock your troops; hospitals heal your troops. Moreover, you can explore other buildings, such as a security center, an investment center, the black market, etc.

Additionally, there are three very strong gangsters that you could conquer.

  • Brawlers: A class of fierce characters. Conflict among them is par for the course.
  • Shooters: Weapons experts, whose abilities include submachine guns, rifles, and cannons.
  • Biker: An individual with this skill can easily control multiple vehicles capable of moving at light speed, which is certainly unacceptable to all gangsters.

The game is only available on one server worldwide, which has a very competent translation system that can translate almost all languages. Therefore, Mafia City has a huge and varied player base. It is a basic principle in the Mafia that you should not tolerate any form of opposition but destroy your adversary today. If you don’t, the opponent may kill you tomorrow.

It has great graphics and brings Mafia City excellent graphic quality with its 3D Unity technology. Besides, gamers can virtually do a 360-degree rotation with beautiful face images to experience quite a realistic world. The sound is also enthralling and complex.

Download Mafia City Mod APK

Download the Mafia City Mod APK by clicking on the download button below.

  • At the end of this article, you will find the APK file.
  • Opening the Mafia City APK MOD setup, you can be assured it is clean, as it is completely online.
  • Install the game by opening the setup and accepting the terms. Let the game install automatically on your device
  • The game can be opened and began immediately after finishing.


The game Mafia City has many interesting characteristics both in terms of gameplay and graphics. For example, the game entails gang battles, the building of bases, and using strategic thinking to defeat other gangs we currently provide the players with Mafia City Mod APK, which offers much more interesting modifications. It promises to be the best gaming experience for you.

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