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In addition to titles like Battle Boom, Blade: Redemption, and Seven Guardians, FourThirtyThree Inc has released a new blockbuster for Android called Monster Super League. Game content has been described in regards to the name of this blockbuster. It focuses on games with breath-taking colors similar to Pokemon and revolves around collecting monsters.

It’s time for players to enter the fantasy world of Astromons! In Monster Super League, they will be able to trade monsters between their friends and start collecting new monsters from the hatched eggs. It is important to find and train them. There are different types of monsters that range from cute to personal style. Monsters will evolve. Their strength will also be multiplied by a factor depending on the variant.

Collect more than 550 monsters. Each has his own characteristics and attributes, thus leading to different fighting styles. In addition to the exposure to more than 550 monsters, you will also embark on a journey through many beautiful lands. Astromon is an online AR game. It gives the player the task of training Astromon characters. They can also be used to shoot, collect and train more Astromon characters.

In addition, you can become a fantastic trainer when taking on a difficult adventure. Set goals for yourself in order to become the legendary Astromon trainer and champion the Monster Super League. Your adventure will take you through different natural terrains ranging from sunshine to rain or snowstorm.

You’ll be able to shoot, collect, and train Astromons in various terrains. The game offers PvP mode to get players more involved. Play millions of players in PvP battleships and training teams. Aside from modern aircraft, you also have a special ship Airship, which transports Astromons, and sometimes you can meet the surprise guest. To find the special Monsters, you have to take the picture of them.

You will use the interface controls and the Astromon’s Growth System to develop the abilities of each Astromon. They will get more useful by improving them and evolving them. You can give them fruit to grow stronger. In order to earn the title of the Top Astromon Trainer, you must actively engage the best IA opponents as well as fellow players in the PvP arena.

There is one thing worth noting: the game needs 1.5GB or less in order to run, and the memory after updating the full patch should be at least 700MB for it to come running smoothly.

Feel free to invite friends and family and network effectively on this network. Share gifts and advice with a variety of people for a fun gaming experience.

Download Monster Super League Mod APK

The Monster Super League is now available for download for free. Here are some tips:

  • The installation guide is available on our website.
  • Use the CPU-Z app to check the processor and GPU of your Android device.


Players will find eight unique areas and three unique spaces within the game. This awesome game will be fun to play. Monster Super League MOD is a really cool and awesome game. Please install it and share the wonderful moments of entertainment with us.

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