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In My Singing Monsters, there are elements of simulation and strategy, but there is no element of user aggression inherent to the game. While there are unique monsters living in the game world, songs play a vital role in their existence. Moreover, they love all kinds of music.

A whole choir of monsters for performing entertainers. Whenever you want to try something new. In addition, we recommend you play Dragon Mania Legends with your friends and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes if similar games interest you.

My Singing Monsters was launched by Big Blue Bubble in 2012. It has been downloaded over 10 million times, and its overall rating is 4.6.

My Singing Monsters provides you with an entire island where you can set up your own pets. On the island, there’s also a special shop where players can purchase monsters, along with all the necessary facilities. If some of the facilities do not help the player, players can improve them with in-game currency. In addition, you can also receive money from completing a variety of tasks. Its vast number ensures lasting and exciting gameplay for players.

The music is one of the distinguishing features of My Singing Monsters. Every character, starting with the most basic ones, can produce a unique sound. The user is required to put together a collection of monsters so that they can make a full-fledged melody. This way, you can improve singing monsters and help them perform better.

It is essential to get through mini-games to understand all of the heroes’ talents in musical performance. You might need it to learn how to navigate the singing world better.

Additionally, you can combine monsters with one another to create new characters, each with different melodies. Your character preferences can have an impact on the player’s overall skill, so here are some tips to enhance your experience.

There is only one thing that could cause a little frustration: the time it takes to complete most game processes. For example, to ripen an egg or to locate ingredients. However, these difficulties can be solved by donating or using game currency.

A wonderful soundtrack and excellent voice acting of heroes, as well as perfectly traced characters with their own unique appearance, can definitely soothe the eye. The developers also attempted to make good and atmospheric maps and terrain textures as well.

In a world where money is scarce, developing the game is always tough. To overcome this obstacle, you can download My Singing Monsters without limits to get unlimited diamonds. That way, you can buy items at any time.

After installing My Singing Monsters, you will get an unlimited amount of diamonds via in-app purchases. Through in-game currency, you can perform tasks much more quickly. For instance, you can act on monsters much faster by paying for diamonds.

As a result, you can save a lot of time and easily convert your collection into a magic creature. Diamonds fulfill a number of other functions as well, so this mod is definitely quite practical for you. Get it now for free! It is safe for your device, so download it now and enjoy it.

My Singing Monsters is a strategy game with simulation elements. You train monsters from eggs and master them to create some of the most unique melodies!

By the way, you can listen to over 150 kinds of live musical instruments with different musical qualities and memorable sounds. Easily record and share music videos with the integrated toolkit. Invite friends to play and share your achievements.

The developers added diversity with ten maps depicting the islands that players can unlock. With its help, users will be able to write melodies by correctly placing the monsters or characters that know only one note, all of whom are good singers and musicians. These characteristics depend on the timbre, notes, and tempo that one can set for themselves. Thus, one can become a good composer and write a hit song of his own.

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My Singing Monsters allows you to sing along with your monster or use your own voice and characters to get creative with music. It’s a fun and interactive way to unwind!

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