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Mystic Messenger is a game that you won’t miss if you interact directly with the characters in the game. Developed by Cheritz, a Korean-based game company specializing in Otome games for women. Released on June 18, 2016, “Mystic Messenger” stormed the Android app store and has received some of the best reviews from players around the world.

When experiencing a romantic story with some of the world’s greatest characters. It is a realistic experience when playing this game because players will be able to interact directly with the male characters by chatting during the game, giving players the feeling of texting in real life.

Also, the game will have multiple possible routes depending on the player’s choices, and these will give many different endings to the game in order to further increase the drama. So how can you resist without downloading the protagonist right now to discover the fascinating stories contained in the game?

A female character will play the role in the game. One day she downloaded a messaging app and immediately found herself hacked by an unknown character who texted her inside the app. The person told her to find the owner of the phone he discovered at the station, and he would try to convince her not to.

Eventually, she agreed to the terms, and he gave her the address to an apartment, where, from here on in, she will live under the ownership of Rika, the founder of a non-profit organization called RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association).  She was able to meet the members of RFA and was given the task of making the 3rd party they had anticipated by inviting guests.

This included getting added to a chat room consisting of members of the messaging app she downloaded earlier to be popular about organizing it and observing its story. As a result of this process, the player will have to follow one of seven paths of each given character, each having their own storyline, as well as find out the truth behind the RFA.

As in other Otome games, players will be given a storyline to follow and then make their choice of the appropriate line appropriate for the given situation. Depending on the answer they give, the plot will proceed in many different directions that can lead the player to the conclusion of this story.

“Mystic Messenger” offers an exciting experience by allowing players to follow the storylines displayed in the messaging application. On each route, there will be 11 days of the plot. The first day will deal with the Prologue, the following three days will be the standard storyline, and the fifth day onwards will be someone’s route.

The player cannot choose a route or a character. After the fourth day, the game system will determine what character is the most fitting, based on a combination of the player’s interactions with each character on the first 4 days. The important thing to note here is that players should not interact with everyone. They should try to focus on just a single person, otherwise, they will have a Bad Ending.

Real-time technology will be used by the game to give players more realistic experiences. In which players can give satisfied feedback to certain characters to increase their sympathies with them. Each correct answer for each character will earn the player’s heart.

These hearts, on the other hand, let them guess which route each character will take. Therefore, they can private message me the characters that they especially care about. My hearts can be exchanged for Hour Glasses, an extremely useful item in the game that allows me to replay a chat screen if I have missed it, or play a continue chat screen.

The game also gives players the opportunity to invite guests to the party depending on what the cast in the chat room suggests. Once they agree, the email of the guest will automatically send to them. If you reply to an email three times correctly and the visitor does not come, it will result in a good ending. At the same time, if you do not respond correctly even three times, the game outcome will be Normal.

A game’s graphic design reaches an exceptionally beautiful level when it reaches the level of graphics. The interface is designed in a way that is super sleek, modern, and luxurious. A character’s model is extremely luxurious, and its personality enchants players when it’s regarded as their ideal.

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What do you think of this game, I think it’s pretty cool? It makes messaging with characters feel like a real-life experience. Why don’t you download it now and get a feel for it?

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