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FTX Games has created a strategy game based on Netflix’s popular movie, Narcos: Cartel War, which was released in April 2018. Considering you are unfamiliar with the movie, you might think that the plot revolves around a world filled with violence during the 1980s when the law is still very shaky. As a consequence of the wars between the U.S. and Colombia against the huge drug trafficking network, society became very chaotic. Narcos: Cartel War allows you to take the role of a drug lord who takes over society as a true criminal organization.  A mason and an old factory would be all that you would find initially. To show power, your institution needs to grow and become more powerful.

There is a strong presence of criminal classes in Colombia. By opening the box, you can gain more juniors who will help your boss in his career. In terms of gameplay, Narcos: Cantel War resembles Clash of Clans quite a bit. Building buildings, managing businesses, and improving technology are the first steps in building a strong institution. You can distribute your product by airplane when your product quantity is too large. Another way to help make your base more secure is to build defensive structures like towers, fireworks, etc. 

Your buildings must not only be built correctly but over time they must be upgraded to become more durable. You need to collect warriors from across a large area and train them to work as your right arm once you have a strong defense system at your disposal. The importance of collecting warriors comes not only from defending better but also from attacking the enemy base. This is a strategy game, not a “pay to win” game, so experience and tactics are the most important factors in winning. There are many defensive postures each player can adopt, so when attacking, you need to use them properly using the appropriate tactics.

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You can not ignore Narcos: Cartel War if you are fond of strategy games and trying to find a new twist with new graphics and stories. Our links below will direct you to the download pages for the game for both iOS and Android.


There is something interesting about this game: players can form alliances so they can interact. Allies can help each other when under attack, and linking allies makes attacking enemies faster and easier. I’m impressed with the high-quality 3D graphics and detailed 3D design of Narcos: Cartel War. You can easily observe the whole scene from a top-down perspective while building your base. The advertisement does appear to be quite a lot and can sometimes make players feel bothered. You can skip 10 minutes to get the building done faster if you purchase the ad-blocker package, but I suggest you don’t.

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