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Play Basketball LIVE Mobile for everything you need in a quality mobile basketball simulation game. Your objective is to beat your opponent in five-on-five matches, but it is also a collectible card match. A player’s rating determines the value of the team they are playing for.

This means that the team’s overall rating will be higher if more players have a higher rating. Essentially, put your best team together and crush the competition! World Cricket Championship 3 and Boxing Star are some of the other sports-related projects we can recommend. There are millions of basketball fans around the world. Below you will find out why this game is worth your attention.

Confrontation. An interesting mode in which you play with actual players against an AI-controlled opponent. Both participants start with opponents of the same rating. Then they fight with artificial intelligence for two minutes. The player with the most points wins.

You have to restart the NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball season every week, so you have to readjust your strategy accordingly. Each win brings you fans and raises your rating. At the end of the season, the first 200 players will be given cards with cool players on them, while every other player will be given packs with random players.

In the mode you can use, you can play a classic basketball season. Gather your team and get started with the regular championships. In case you manage to win your conference, you get into the playoffs. When the season ends, you are rewarded with cards with new players.

Several factors determine basketball players’ levels, including the final position they earned. Furthermore, NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball allows you to play in your own league against other teams and with friends. It is even possible to compete in live competitions to receive packs, coins, items, and so much more.

There are four levels of cards in NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball – bronze, silver, gold, and epic (tinted red). Each player has an overall rating, which is derived from averaging the differences in each player’s performance. Almost all the players, current and former, have been digitized and incorporated into the game.

As a result, Johnson, Harden, Pippen, Duncan, Shaq, and similar players can be drafted. Such a team could appear to be real. However, legendary athletes, such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, refused to give their consent for their names to be used.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball offers five unique players. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Curry is pretty good at shooting three-pointers almost, but he can still dunk. Adetokumbo can dunk on the steepest surface but has issues with three-pointers. Simmons cannot shoot. Consider all these factors when you determine the throw characteristics of each player.

You also need to know how to utilize each player’s preferred style of play. For example, you can use snipers to eliminate your targets (shooting from long and medium distances), Motorists passing by are not aware of the dangers (high percentage of passing convenient with crossings) A group of people who defended the site  (blocks and rebounds) There have been plenty of miracles and wonders (dunks). It’s possible for any player to have more than one card of a given style and position.

A third factor that makes sports simulations so appealing is the graphics. The NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball players are extremely detailed. You can see their height, hairstyle, and more. Its ball looks gorgeous, the playgrounds are well designed, even the audience is good quality. Also, its physics is great, even though many times this kind of game has problems with jumps and throws. And, it has a fantastic soundtrack.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball’s unlimited money function seems to work fine. The money can be spent on buying and improving players however you want. Your device will not be damaged and your gameplay will not be affected in general by the mod. Install the game correctly by following the prompts below. We’d like to remind you that EA is always updating the game, which is why our mod may not work properly. However, we are striving to provide the most stable version possible.

A joystick is used to control player movement. There is also an active button under your right hand that enables you to sprint, pass and throw. To stop the ball from going in, you need to wipe it off at the desired spot. Shooting three-pointers is a bit more difficult. On one hand, the points given by the player are important, but you also have to determine the power and accuracy of your throw.

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is a highly competitive but simple sports game for anyone who likes it. In addition, the number of players on the team is smaller (11) compared to 22) so it’s much easier to scale the difficulty. Therefore, it is no surprise that football simulators’ character models are very small. We have to strain our eyes together with the ball to recognize them. However, this is not the case here.

Download NBA Live Mobile Mod APK

Everything we have put in place has been done so you can download modded and hacked apps. However, if you are downloading for the first time from third party sources, the following guide will be helpful for you:

  1. The download process will begin when you click the download APK button.
  2. Once the installation process is completed, launch your file manager and locate apk file.
  3. The first time you install an APK file on your device, you will probably be asked for several permissions. To enable the installation, you must check the “Allow from this source?” checkbox in the device settings.
  4. After the game’s installation is completed, it becomes available for play!


Among the best basketball simulation for Android is NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball. With captivating gameplay and the opportunity to add basketball legends to your roster, this game is easy to recommend to you.

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