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Do you love choking shooters? Do you love gunfights and the battle for the battlefield that’s big and brutal? Will you fight, or will you fall? If you’re not the last one to survive, the loser is you. There are only two rules on a battlefield: the shooter and the gunshot. The rules are straightforward but have caused a fever among generations of gamers due to games like Counter-Strike, PUBG Mobile, and Call of Duty that illustrate this as well.

Technology has grown tremendously, and subsequently, the FPS game market on mobile and PC platforms is as popular as that on consoles, … There are so many action sequences in Overkill 3, including so many battles in the fantasy world of the future. Developed by Craneballs, Overkill 3 has been downloaded over 5 million times via Google Play. It’s one of the top Android games anyone mentions a bit about FPS shooters.

In this game, you will take the role of the resistance force brought to. Fear and spirit are slowly dwindling in the general population. They always bully the people battlefield full of guns and darkness to fight the loyal Faction. with military force along with cutting-edge technology.

Nobody who refuses to take up a gun and struggle can regain freedom. If you do not have a gun, you will not be able to. The studio Craneballs was once a graphics production company, and by utilizing its ability to design and create realistic 3D graphics, it would create an Overkill 3 that would run well on mobile platforms.

The transition effects show in detail and subtlety the hiding and shooting movements of characters. Each bullet that leaves a trace gives the people the moments they are looking for.

Extremely challenging. In addition, the game offers a series of attractive games which allow players to test their skills based on the attention and the attention Craneballs gives to the image that creates the authenticity in the gun.  Overkill 3 lets you customize the guns yourself when you can stick stickers on your favorite guns.

The game company is also very meticulous about the sound as well. I loved everything from the gunshots to the dialogue between characters. We have observed this phenomenon as well as other forums around the world. If you’re an FPS game fan that needs high details and realism, “Overkill 3” is a game that you will love.

Upon starting the game, you’ll have access to its basic functions including move, shoot, change bullets, aim. Additionally, on the right side of the screen is additional support from the air (helicopters with machine guns; missiles) the handset contains two support buttons, as well as a security button (increased health; armor).

Additionally, you can also adjust the parameters of the gun through the available option options. With the publishers’ hands, every detail is very realistic. From mounting the sight to mounting the handle, from changing the stock to installing the silencer,… every detail is very realistic.

In addition, the multiplayer mode saves you from having to worry whether you start the game right away or if you have completed all the tasks prior. The game company will organize tournaments and events every month in order to attract players, as well as build an incentive system, so gamers will be able to hon their skills and interact with players in different parts of the world. Overkill 3 has been popular and many people have already gotten the opportunity to try it. Would you like to play the fierce battle to find justice again? Download Overkill 3 now to find out!

Download Overkill 3 Mod APK

Now’s your chance to get Overkill 3 free. You can download the apk file of the mod by clicking on the download button and enjoy the game with premium features.


Although the game is designed as a continuous shooter, the player’s freedom to move is limited, which means that he can only exploit this feature while hiding behind obstacles. Nevertheless, you won’t become bored with the game because of its low mobility, since you will still fight to destroy the enemy base, but move on for you instead. While this can only satisfy some players who don’t want to exert themselves while moving around and just want to enjoy the feel of a gun.

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