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Video game entertainment’s most challenging genre and one that makes players continuously use their brains to win is the strategy genre. Those games come in many different forms, but in most of them, players manage many units using tactical maps to engage their opponents. Plague Inc., however, is different; although it was in the strategy genre, the player-controlled the disease spread throughout the world, with the goal of destroying the entire human race. To complete the game, players must evolve, increase the spread, stop research, and perform a multitude of tasks. Despite the simple gameplay, the game requires a long time for players to master everything, including evolving abilities, obstacles, and countless methods of infection. 

The players are able to develop and research a whole range of viruses, but this is all for the sole purpose of destroying every human on Earth. The maps of the Earth will serve as the game’s playing field, and players will use them to track and perform actions in order to spread or slow down research. Any name, regardless of how funny or dangerous, can be used to name your virus in the game. Moreover, the game features a massive upgrade system that lets the player evolve the virus and increase its infectivity. In order to stop the spread of players, the world will maintain a constant flow of new measures. Choosing a location that is conducive to infecting faster will also provide the player with an advantage so that the spread can be initiated anywhere he or she chooses.

By using the interface, players can check the status prior to and after infection of any country they desire. As the player initiates the pathogen, he must also consider realistic physics, like the weather, terrain, and many other factors. It is easy to control the direction of the player’s illness spread through the evolution system, as it will gradually spread to neighboring regions. Playing Plague Inc will allow players to evolve their pathogens in a way that simulates spreading an individual pathogen. The system will give users an increased infection rate, unique infection methods, increased lethality of infection, and higher resistance to infection. Players can upgrade their viruses to make them invincible and easily spread by air, water, and other means, including insects. 

Evolution points, however, are needed for upgrading, while players spawn randomly in infected regions. More evolution points will be awarded to the player when the infected area is larger. The company will show players an in-game world bulletin in real-time, as well as a conditional alarm system. There will be constant updates of the news on the internet and there will be a diversity of topics to make the world come alive. The player will be notified when important news could affect their infection by a red symbol. There is that one enemy, which is the international research institutes, whose constant creations are geared toward destroying the player’s virus. It is also possible to stop the player’s research by tapping the blue bubbles on the map. 

The game will feature different evolution systems and gameplay for each mode, so players will be able to control a variety of pathogens during gameplay. Players are continuously challenged to control the virus and destroy all of humanity in Plague Inc. In addition, since the nations of Earth are constantly aware of the harmful effects of the virus, they are constantly taking action to combat it, causing the player’s destruction of humanity to be stopped. Get this game now, and you will be able to create the most powerful pathogen in human history through your tactical skills.

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Plague Inc. is now available for download for free. The following notes are for your information:

  • Refer to our installation guide for more information.
  • You can check the CPU and GPU of your Android device by using CPU-Z


Also, the player can evolve his or her virus, confuse the academy, and destroy it in order to completely destroy humanity.  In the interface of the game, players can track their progress towards creating a cure; if they reach 100%, then infected people will be cured instantly, and widely distributed around the world. In case the cure is successful all around the world, the campaign will be failed. A virus of unknown origin is the main mode of Plague Inc, and it gradually wears out human vitality and causes death. Accordingly, the virus of the players is similar to the seasonal flu and can evolve, making them more vicious and dangerous.  Players will also be introduced to different game modes, such as the zombie, demon, and alien invasions. 

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