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In 2009-2010 the “Plant vs. Zombies” tower defense series was very popular on the PC and Mac platforms. Several years later, Plants vs. Zombies 2, the sequel to the popular mobile game, was released on Android and iOS. Developed and distributed by Popcap Games, this free game is available on EA Mobile. Previously, this game had to be purchased with money, but now the user can enjoy it for free. Version 2 has received a positive response from players and reviewers alike. Scenes that appear in the game were taken from the original. It depicts zombies attacking cities and then attacking your home in order to consume your brain.

In this game, players are house owners tasked with planting special crops to kill zombies before they reach the front door. You accidentally cross time and space, and you end up in Ancient Egypt, finding 10 keys bringing you to many different places in the past, present, and future, such as the pirate sea, mysterious city, etc. In general, each land is composed of between 25 and 38 increasingly difficult levels. Initially, you’ll have to fight zombies from many different zones, and you’ll need to develop new plants and fight new zombies that are more powerful than the previous ones. It is necessary to pass through each door in order to open the next one and unlock new crops.

Unlike version 1, this new version requires killing all the zombies in order to complete the stage. Then you’ll need to go beyond that in version 2. Various requirements were incorporated into the game in order to make it more challenging and appealing. There are usually instructions within the stage itself, such as not letting the zombies step on the flower line or not planting more than fifteen trees… In addition, the stage is usually mapped out, showing your current position and what your target is. As discussed previously, zombies and new plants have emerged. In this version of the game, the zombies are much stronger than they were in the first. Many zombies are attacking your house and they are dangerous and aggressive.

The publisher considered that each tree was needed for a different purpose so that no tree would be redundant. In addition, zombies may be able to suck your sun, or they may be able to build huge tombstones or zombies… As long as you want to avoid having your brain eaten by zombies, you need to choose the right crop. Plants vs. Zombies 2 has much stronger gameplay than its predecessor since trees can also have their own “killer” abilities. A magic clover will be gained during the course of the game. Applied to certain plants, these leaves are tonics that give them astonishing powers.  You will also receive your own unique support skills such as throw, freeze, and shock.  For example, when used to produce more sun, or when used to catch bullets more quickly and effectively… Coins must be spent for each use of these skills.

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The game is really cool, so you should give it a shot. In this game, there are a lot of challenging and interesting stages. I’ve played it all day just to keep my brain engaged. The gameplay is easy, manipulatable, and understandable, and the game is not heavy. Plants vs. Zombies 2 is the perfect game to play if you’re looking for a game to play.


They cannot be collected. Nevertheless, it has terrible power. There are many new effects in Plants vs. Zombies 2 as well as bright colors and vibrancy that make it an attractive game. In this game, the movement is really smooth and gentle, and there were very few times when it slowed down. Also, this time around, Plans vs. Zombies 2 invests heavily in music, so each place you set foot in will have the appropriate music that will make players feel more excited when they fight. It sounds like you are watching a zombie movie with the sounds of zombies eating, shooting bullets, etc. MOD: unlimited wealth (coins/gems) at every level. In the game, you can purchase plants, essential items, and make your progress easier with Coins/Gems.

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