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The strange, but appealing content of Rick and Morty’s animation has become a trend around the world. Because of this, it is a mobile game that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially Rick and Morty fans. I’ll call it Pocket Mortys for short, but Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys is the actual name. A player does not have a job other than collecting Mortys across a vast open-world and using them in combat in this game. Pocket Mortys is best described as a turn-based RPG. Players will engage the enemy in tactical battles with Morty, instead of just relying on his strength alone in order to defeat the enemy. In addition, it is necessary to come up with appropriate tactics during each phase so that they can win the battle. 

The consequences of negligence during battle will be tremendous, which may result in the player’s failure. This game has therefore similar gameplay to that of the classic game Pokémon. You won’t have any trouble adjusting to the environment in “Pocket Mortys” if you’ve ever played these games. It is similar to “Pokémon”, but instead of collecting Pokémon players will be collecting Morty variants, which are called Mortys in the game. To defeat the enemies they battle, each will use the strongest Morty they have. The players can give their own Mortys various commands while fighting. Furthermore, Mortys will belong to their own set of skills and will only be able to be used if enough MP is available. In order to unleash powerful skills, players require MP, which is refilled at a rapid rate over time. 

The players will need to study carefully before performing, as there are some very special skills. Many skills require certain conditions to be met, but the effects they bring will be extremely beneficial for the player. You are given the mission of building an army of Mortys strong-stands and using them against the other characters in the game. Through training daily and winning matches repeatedly, their stats can be improved, which will improve their rank. In each level, the defenses and attacks will gradually increase. With upgrades, players will have access to a number of special abilities that can be used against other players. Mortys, which are also divided into many different attribute systems, can be used to change the game situation based on different properties.

Download Pocket Morty MOD APK

Having downloaded the free download of Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys, you can now use it. The following notes are for your information:

  • Refer to our installation guide for more information.
  • For checking the CPU and GPU of Android devices, you may use CPU-Z


In this game, the player will be able to move freely across an open map as well as collect rare Mortys. More than 300 different kinds of Mortys await players at specific locations within the game. We will divide the world into many small regions, and each region will have a different environmental characteristic. There are often Mortys living in these places, who have suitable living conditions for living here. Hence, if the player is interested in collecting Mortys, he can go to these points and begin the process. In Multiplayer, players are able to continue battling against other players in addition to experiencing the story and exploring the world. In case the player is always aggressive, they can participate in PvP matches to increase their skill level. The players of this battle should be aware that this is a Turn-based type of battle, so they should plan carefully before attacking.

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