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Punch Hero (MOD Unlimited Money) is an Android and iOS fighting game developed by Gamevil. As far as boxing games go, this has to be one of the most enjoyable and addictive ones I’ve ever played. Punch-Out!!! was the inspiration for this game. Around the 1980s, Nintendo developed the boxing game series and the last arcade game series. Thousands of spectators, boxers’ screams, broken bones, and powerful punches can be found in this game.

Yes, that is correct. On the surface, Punch Hero’s graphics do not seem very impressive. It looks dated and lacks the sharpness of current games in spite of its 3D graphics. However, the game is really entertaining and addictive. The boxers had a variety of styles, which made me feel amusing. There are many unique effects that appear when you attack or knock out an opponent, such as a bleeding face or bruises. With the sound of punches and audience screams, the game also has a relatively simple soundscape.

Once you’ve entered the game and chosen a name, you can choose a style and create your own character. A boxer with the beard of Santa Claus? Is that a handsome man with nice hair? It is also possible to create special characters in Punch Hero like pirates, robots, superheroes, and so on. Purchasing items from the store or upgrading your stats is what they do.

In order to obtain gold, you must compete with real money or buy gold packages with real money. Punch Hero MOD is perfect for you if you love shopping and you don’t have much gold. You may use the mod version of the game to shop for everything you want with the money provided by the game. You need to reach a certain level before you can purchase any game items.

You must control your character to defeat 18 opponents in Arcade mode. The next challenge will be available to you after you defeat a guy. There are many different opponents you can face, from a boxer to a pirate to a robot to a soul. You will always find weaknesses in your opponent, no matter who he is. Find out what your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses are and use them against him.

In terms of control over Punch Hero, I’m satisfied with it. You can tell by playing this game that it’s difficult to win, despite the fact that it’s easy to play. The left button makes a hook punch, the right button makes an undercut, the tab button makes a face punch.

As the player is in the defensive mode, two fingers can be held on the screen to shield the opponent. While the referee is counting down, continue to tap the screen repeatedly to regain control of the game. A delay of more than ten seconds is a loss.

If you played this game, you might think it emphasized a player’s dexterity, skill, and reflexes. That’s not really what I meant. I met some boxers who had a lot of strength and a tremendous amount of HP after a certain level. There was a clear difference in strength at that time.

No matter how skilled you are, you still have very poor odds of winning. It seems like upgrading your stats is the best course of action at this point. If you want to enhance the stats of boxers, you can do so in the gym room where you train.

Download Punch Hero Mod Apk

You can download APK file here. Punch Hero also features hundreds of zombies that will test your stamina and courage. If you want to relax, then this is the mode for you. Is it possible to survive in zombie mode for a long time?


The overall experience of Punch Hero is one that’s fun and addicting with many challenges to solve. There are many interesting things to discover in the game. It is true that playing against artificial intelligence can sometimes make players feel bored. Our publishers at Gamevil have committed to updating the online mode as soon as possible.

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