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Rocket Sky! MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Is an entertaining and interesting Xbox arcade game by Kwalee. The storyline weaves together a topic regarded as a top priority in the world today, namely a rocket.

Rocket Sky Mod APK

When we were young, anybody who does not want to become an astronaut flies rockets into space and reaches for the stars. When we were children, this dream was distant but insatiable. Feel free to entrust Rocket Sky! with your dreams as well as your passion for the spaceships!

Upon receiving a copy of Rocket Sky! from Kwalee, the player received a very cool gift. If we go by the names, such as Shootout 3D or Jetpack Jump, quick recognition can be made. The aim of Kwalee is to provide players with a relaxing time through gentle yet addictive games. And that is also the reason why they have millions of players around the world.

Having a simple game like Rocket Sky!, Kwalee offers a unique but reliable service. Its simple gameplay suits almost any age group, so you can play it without any difficulty. To succeed in Rocket Launcher, you can only touch and hold your rocket to make it fly as high as possible as fast as you can. It may seem simple at first, but the simplicity will always deceive players.

You should learn first what is the rocket’s engine, operation principle, itinerary. Only then will you be able to control the rocket and send it to a distant place in the universe. The rocket grows hotter and explodes when you hold it for too long with the aim of driving it higher. Since rockets are so very expensive, both in real life and in the game, you do not want to waste one like that.

There are no levels of play with increasing challenges and no diverse game modes with which to increase your success. You only need to rocket launch more successfully to surpass previous records. The previous records are not created for only you, they are also created for all players.

Rocket Sky! still manages to keep players engaged despite the somewhat monotonous gameplay. Being able to surpass others’ records also means that your own records are challenging for everyone else. A way to get your name known by every player admirably.

If you want to rank one in the world, you need to understand the principles of a rocket launch to launch the rockets to the highest place. If you look closely, you can observe 2 yellow and red bars on the rocket hull during launch.

You can see the temperature of the rocket based on the yellow arrow, and the red arrow indicates the rocket’s fuel level. Keep an eye on the red bar. If it is full, it means the rocket’s temperature is rising, which could cause it to explode if you do not control it.

The Rocket Sky! game does not have difficulties that increase with levels. Instead, world records are constantly being created for you to beat. However, you will not be bored when it comes to the numerous contexts you can choose from.

Your rocket will launch into space, and you’ll discover new planets, as well as being able to choose where your launchers’ location will be. However, the ultimate goal is still to fly as high and far as you can.

The newly unlocked planets don’t stop there. If you launch a rocket and land successfully, you’ll receive lots of gold coins. With that money, you can upgrade your rocket. Upgrades to the cooler and fuel are provided, which makes journeys further. With that gold, modern missiles can be unlocked.

Rocket Sky! has 2D graphics with simple graphics. The game has an array of environments with mysterious cosmic landscapes and scenes of distant planets we are familiar with. The game also has rockets that have many details and striking colors. Your eyes will not get tired!

Download Rocket Sky MOD APK

You can download Rocket Sky Mod APK by clicking on the download button on this page. The download will start immediately after you click on it. Once apk file is downloaded, locate the file in your file manager and install it. Now you can enjoy playing this amazing game.


Rocket Sky has all of the above great attributes, but it is, in general, a pretty boring game. Therefore, it’s ideal during break time or on a short taxi journey. If you really love rockets, check out Man Vs. Missiles.

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