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Soccer Stars is a game that lets all soccer fans battle on the field. Get your team to the top and become the best player in the world. Other real people will be your rivals for these matches, so chase down as many goals as you can. Basically, you need to hit the opponent’s goal as many times as possible while keeping your own intact. The game reminds you of classic air hockey, only all the action occurs on your smartphone and you compete with players from all over the world.

While here you won’t need dizzy passes and difficult feints, you should think over your tactics. Long challenges against serious opponents can often occur like chess matches – but a well-aimed blow can decide the outcome of a match. Be smart and defeat all your opponents.

Soccer Stars is one of the most played games on Android devices. If you’ve suddenly forgotten about this elegant game, below we will give you a quick introduction to its features.

About Soccer Star Mod APK

There are several different modes that can be played online. The first opportunity is to play against someone of a different level. The system automatically synchronizes players of the same level together. You can choose a continent to play on – the entry fee and their victory conditions depend on it. Each game cost Twenty-five coins. The winner gets fifty Coins. Score two goals, whichever team does it first. Aside from that, there is no time limit to the game.

Having reached the third level, you gain access to the championships, which are based on the continent a tournament is held in, in which case the entry fee and prize depend on the continent. To win a championship, you must win all the matches. Feel free to play all you want – you do not need to start over. It is enough to win the required number of victories for any number of tries.

Also available is a Penalty Rush mode, in which you have to make sure you score the most goals possible in a limited time. The ball and chips that interfere with your shots are moving constantly, and you’re merely navigating and scoring in order to reach your goal.

An additional feature of Soccer Stars is physics. The ball on the field behaves exactly as it should in real life. Depending on the force of the blow and the ball’s trajectory, it will travel to one place or to another. Hence, using an accurate combination and scoring a goal requires you to calculate the force of the blow correctly. Like air hockey, Soccer Stars let you control just a few chips on the field, which gives the gameplay greater variety and tactical awareness.

You don’t need to master complex keystroke combinations, press five buttons at once to achieve action wonders. Everything is simple in Soccer Stars. The football players here are the usual round objects. They are all on the same field at the same time. They can shoot on goal, defend possessions, and score beautiful goals. Therefore, all you have to do is calculate the ball trajectory and regulate the blow.

Besides the various modes online, Soccer Stars also lets you play with your friends to have a good time. When you log into your social network through Facebook, you can see which of your friends have the application installed, and then challenge them to a duel. To make it even simpler, just play with a friend on the same device, making moves simultaneously. Challenge your friends to a game of Soccer Stars for the chance to go head to head.

Soccer Stars has simple graphics and is in two-dimensional mode. Its main strength is its gameplay, and the graphic component does not offer anything unique. Despite this, I still enjoy playing Soccer Stars since there is diversity on display in the form of different stadiums and fields.

You can play Soccer Stars for free, but you need game currency to take part in matches with other players and buy beautiful things for your team, such as club symbols. You will have unlimited cash stored in your account. Playing without interruption is possible because of our mod. Money will accumulate rapidly for a new exciting match.

We tested the Soccer Stars unlimited money mod on our devices and we are confident that it works correctly and safely. You must download and install it on your device, no additional action is required from you. We also recommend you Mini Football and Basketball Stars.

You can grasp the gameplay essence very easily. There are opposing teams, which are chips, and your set of chips. You can choose the placement of the chips at the outset in the corresponding game section. It is important that you know the initial position because the tactics can be completely different. The chips can also be moved individually at any given time, so the initial position is crucial.

To blow, you need to pull the chip and release it with your finger, pointing in the right direction. The harder you pull back the chip, the larger is the impact force it receives. Every player has five chips, one of which is initially at the gate. However, there is no rigid affiliation to positions like in real football. During the match, people can move many times, you just have to decide which chip you wish to use and where to use it.

In this situation, you do not necessarily have to hit the ball with your chip. Sometimes it is better to move the chip closer to the goal in order to face the blow. Alternatively, you can simply push the opposing team into the most uncomfortable places. Choose the right tactics.

Download Soccer Star Mod APK

You can download the apk file by clicking on the download button below. Once the file is downloaded, locate it in the file manager and instal it on your phone. However, if you are downloading a modded app for the first time from a third-party source, follow the below instructions:

  1. The download process will start automatically after you press the download APK button.
  2. Once it is completed, open your file manager and locate apk file.
  3. If this is your first time installing an APK file, your device may ask you for a set of permissions. For installation to proceed, you have to open the settings and switch on the “Allow from this source” tab.
  4. After the game installation process completes, it becomes available for you play.


Soccer Stars is the perfect way to have fun. The colorful gameplay and the availability of several game modes can keep you entertained for hours. Adding our unlimited money mod to the game will ensure even more pleasant gameplay.

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