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Soccer Stars is a game that all soccer fans can enjoy. Take part in the tournament, become the best gamer in the world, and beat other real players. In Soccer Stars, each match depends only on you, so try to score as many goals as possible. Your aim is to hit the opponent’s goal as many times as possible while simultaneously keeping your own intact.

This game has a resemblance to the well-known air hockey, except that now the action takes place on your smartphone, and you are facing opponents from around the world.

Here you need to think about tactics rather than make difficult feints and dizzying passes. Competition can sometimes resemble a chess match – however, one well-aimed blow can determine the outcome. Be smart and defeat all opponents. Soccer Stars is a perennial favorite for mobile gamers. If you are new to this project, then check out its main features below.

There are three different modes in the game, and each one of them is an online game. First, you can play one-on-one with a random opponent and the game matches players of the same skill level. You can choose the continent to play and the entry fee and win conditions depend on it. Every game costs twenty-five coins, but you only need to score two goals. The person with the highest score wins the game. Additionally, there is no time limit in the game.

After reaching the third level, you can access championships, which are also dependent on the continent from which entry fees and total prizes derive. The top place is determined by winning the championship. You do not have to start all over you just have to win the correct number of victories you need for any number of attempts.

There is also a Penalty Rush mode, in which scores may be accumulated in a given time. The ball and the chips that interfere with the shots constantly shift, and you need to quickly maneuver and score. Scorching ten goals in 40 seconds is required to claim your prize.

Another characteristic of Soccer Stars is its physics. The ball behaves just like it should in real life. Depending on the speed and the trajectory of the ball, it can tend to go in a particular direction. You must therefore calculate the force of the blow efficiently in order to carry out an accurate combination and score a goal. Soccer Stars is similar to the air hockey classic, but in this game, you are allowed to control just a few chips on the field, which indicates more strategy and tact.

No more pressing five buttons at once to demonstrate reaction wonders. Everything in Soccer Stars is very simple. All the football players here are the usual round objects. There aren’t more than five like this on the field ever. They know how to shoot on goal, defend their places, and score nice goals. Thus, you just set the force of the shot and analyze the trajectory of the ball.

With over a dozen online modes, Soccer Stars also offers you the fun opportunity to play with your friends. Just log into Facebook and discover all your friends who have Soccer Stars installed, and challenge them to a duel. If you want to make things even easier, you can use the same device to play with a friend, making moves in turn. Challenge your friends in Soccer Stars and prove that you are the best player.

The game has simple two-dimensional graphics. The game’s main advantage is its gameplay, while the graphics cannot boast of features that distinguish it from other sports games. Nevertheless, it is still a joy to play, as there are different decorations available for different stadiums and fields.

The Soccer Stars game is a free game, but in order to be able to play matches with other players and buy items for your team, including club symbols, this game requires you to use the game currency.  You can play for hours straight and not be delayed while waiting for money to accumulate.

We have tested Soccer Stars unlimited money on our devices. Based on the results, we can confirm its correct and safe functioning. Simply download the game and install it on your device. In addition, we recommend you to play Mini Football and Basketball Stars.

It is very easy to grasp the gameplay essence of the game. On the playing field, you have both the opposing team and your team, which are chips. You can choose the placement of the chips at the beginning of the game. That’s why starting with a good Holdem hand is important, since the strategy can be different, and you can move your chips one by one as you play. Therefore, the initial position is also important.

In order to make a thrust, several finger moves are necessary. One must pull the chip back, then release it, making sure it points in the direction you want it to. Each player has five chips, one at the gate. It’s not like real football, however, where the positions are assigned rigidly. During the match, everyone can move around many times, and you decide which chip to use and where to place it.

You need not hit the ball with your chip in this case. Sometimes it is advisable to spend your turn moving the chip closer to the goal, stopping the opponent’s blow. You can also force the opposing team into the most uncomfortable positions. Choose the right tactics.

Download Soccer Stars Mod APK

Our aim is to make downloading as easy as possible for our visitors, however, if you are downloading hacked or modded apps for the first time, the following guide will be useful for you:

  1. The download will start automatically when you press the download APK button.
  2. Install it by opening your file manager and selecting the mod file.
  3. Your device may ask you for permission if you are installing APK for the first time. In order to allow installation, you need to switch on the “Allow from this source” tab in the device settings.
  4. As soon as the installation is completed, the game becomes playable.

Before installing our modified version of Soccer Stars, don’t forget to delete the original version to avoid errors during the installation process.


Soccer Stars is a perfect option for entertainment. Its colorful gameplay and the presence of various game modes will keep you interested for hours. Moreover, the game can be even more entertaining with our unlimited money hack.

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