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If you enjoy the SAO series, you should definitely try Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Mod APK.

Sword Art Online is the name of an animated film and novel by Bandai. In the game, an avatar is viewed inside a virtual reality headset called the Nerve Gear (SAO). Sword Art Online is a video game created illegally by Kayaba Akihiko, who created the game under a false identity, which eventually leads Kirito, a skilled player, to break the game and defeat the final boss, thereby freeing himself and the other players.

The plot of Sword Art Online could not be more interesting for Bandai. This is why the series of games has become one of the most popular online games in the world. However, only a few don’t get to play Sword Art Online (LOL).

The 2018 Tokyo Game Show introduced a new version of the Sword Art Online (S.A.O) series, based on the Integral Factor IP. This is an MMORPG game for the mobile platform.

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor takes the original scene from the movie and it transforms the player into one of the 10,000 trapped creatures in SAO World. To escape the virtual world, you have to destroy every monster on the 100 floors of Aincrad Manor. You will be … not the protagonist, but the main characters will be Kirito and Asuna, or Yuna. Your character can have either a male or a female appearance, and you can choose whether to have it cut short or cut into the part.

You need to first develop your character through the quest system continuously throughout the game before you can defeat monsters in this game. Symbols give indexes to your characters based on their level, the stronger the index the stronger your character will be able to unlock new skills.

In a game like this, players will be able to switch between the character’s skills on the right side of the screen while fighting. Each weapon will have a different skill set. Typically, players will bring a wide variety of weapons to fight with flexibility. With the moves system on the left side of the screen combined with certain rules, you can create special effects that will help you win more easily.

The equipment system of Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a vital part of the game. The character’s index, which is important to the character’s strength, is determined by the equipment found in the scenery. By battling enemies you can gather the most powerful equipment.

The characters’ dialogues will be shown in 2D, highlighting the tone of the story and striving to make the game seem more like a story. The soundtrack accompanies the game with sound effects when players fight and throw skills. It is quite familiar to those who have seen the animated series of the same name.

Download Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Mod APK

Basically Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is a captivating game if you’re a fan of this movie. Beautiful graphics, a vast, colorful world, a battle of fire, and many storylines are all set up to give fans an entertaining time.

If something does not look good, then the language issue might be at play since the game is only available in English and Japanese. You may download Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for Android devices through the following links:


Integral Factor is made with an advanced 3D graphics platform that is reminiscent of the Cute Anime style of animation. Each character, monster, and boss is well detailed. The background buildings, paths, trees, and scenery are breathtaking. Using its skills, the protagonist will have an incredibly impressive user interface. This is particularly noticeable in the third view since players can turn the camera freely to grasp an unlimited view.

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