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You can create life on planets by using science and technology in TerraGenesis, a simulation game. A person can then live on another planet and exploit its resources. People have been dreaming of conquering other planets in the universe for a long time. Is there a planet that can support life as we know it on Earth? The universe contains life, right? Is it possible for humans to live on other planets in the future? Despite many questions being raised, we still lack a satisfactory answer. You can forget it! Join me in this game so we can explore planets together.

You can create your own planet by following the instructions and recommendations in TerraGenesis after you open the game. Terraforming can be understood as an effort to make the planet fit for human habitation by improving and changing its natural conditions. In the first place, there are four planets you can choose from Mars, Venus, Moon, and Ragnarok. I chose Mars because it can be easily renovated, making it an ideal choice for beginners. Mars is also regarded as the planet with the closest environmental conditions to Earth, according to scientists. 

If you’re attracted to challenges, you may choose from other options. TerraGenesis’ gameplay is divided into three main sections: construction, exploitation, and research. Water, oxygen, subsistence, pressure, temperature, and biomass are all important, no matter which planet you are on. If your planet qualifies for life, these indicators determine whether you’ll be able to live. A planet with insufficient resources cannot support its inhabitants and cannot be exploited for its resources. Mars is an airless desert, compared to Venus, which has a thick atmosphere that melts lead at temperatures hot enough to melt metals. 

The improvement of these planets cannot be accomplished within a day. To successfully renovate the planet’s terrain, you must put in a lot of effort for at least a week or even a month. Moreover, the planet’s terrain isn’t cheap. If you want a stable terrain, it will cost you a few million golds. When you fail to do this correctly, the ecosystem will be destroyed and the inhabitants of the area will die. You can start researching new technology once your planet has been renovated and has a large population.  Although technologies can be used to extract the planet’s natural resources, be aware that they sometimes have adverse effects on the planet’s ecosystem. 

There is no element that is more easily exploited than carbon. Your technology can be used to create more expensive elements like rhodium and diamond. Certainly. It is bacteria that first appear on the Earth, just like it is on the Earth. Dropping countless types of bacteria on the planet over time will result in the emergence of many types of animals such as reptiles, herbivores, aquatic creatures, predators, etc. It is true that you are like God, with the power to decide the fate of creatures, but be careful. Taking out one species of animal can cause other species to disappear, destroying the entire ecosystem. If you are considering this, make sure you find out in advance.

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The TerraGenesis simulation game I think is well worth your time if you are interested in the universe theme. On a dead planet, it is impossible to build an ecosystem, but in this game, it is possible. Feel free to leave a comment below the article with a helpful tip or something you’re willing to share!


TerraGenesis is not only a great mobile simulation game, but it also provides a wealth of information for those who wish to learn more about the universe and related topics. By opening The Archives, you can search for any documents or information that you desire. Take the time to learn new things and apply them to the planet you are responsible for since you are responsible for an entire system. In general, TerraGenesis graphics are not especially noteworthy but are well done on the whole. In the game, there are physical rules that resemble reality and good picture quality. It is most common to be able to watch your barren planet revolve slowly like a NASA satellite. Music, too, was simple and a bit monotonous.

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