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This application allows users to send texts and calls to their friends in a convenient way. It has attractive features and useful features that are sure to draw users’ attention. If they are located in an area that supports the software, users can access their friends and relatives. Meanwhile, the application enables them to make low-cost international calls to other countries. The TextNow application has an intuitive user interface that can be accessed by anyone. Because it can create a sense of closeness, users will usually take time to explore what this application offers. In particular, the application interface is very similar to the functions of calling and messaging that any user is likely to use.

Users will find the functions they need to utilize and discover new functions when such a simple interface is provided. In addition, selecting countries and knowing if they are free to contact is also completely quick with a single touch. It is therefore the ideal application for those who often send texts and make calls, particularly those residing in the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, there are certain offers available when you are traveling abroad. There is one simple feature you will love about TextNow: you can text and call for free from anywhere in the United States and Canada. This means that you will not lose money using the app and calling or texting the local numbers in these two countries. Users must also confirm whether they are authorized to use the service before using the application.

As a first step, you’ll need to check to see if your device supports the service once you’ve done the call setup. Communication with the person you love can be a beneficial activity if you are careful to avoid incurring any unnecessary costs. If you are familiar with the app’s menu, you can simply enter your number, choose your country, and start chatting. You can take advantage of TextNow’s usefulness and freedom by taking advantage of its excellent functionality. It will also be not much different from using a specific social network to connect with your friends, especially with texting. With particular attention to GIFs and sticker messages, you can show your feelings and increase the appeal of the story during messaging.

In addition to gifs and stickers, you’ll be able to send more benefits after you’ve completed your messaging. Using this app, you can also send family videos to your friends and family members. You may also choose to record your voice and send it instead of texting them or manipulating their text. Thus, you will continue to receive texts as before. Users are still able to benefit from the useful function discussed above when they are outdoors without an internet connection. No matter how many texts or calls you make, they will remain free. When a user is in an area where the application is supported, the application also proves helpful in many cases. The app also provides more options when you communicate with someone in another country.

Download Text Now MOD APK

It is now time for you to download TextNow free of charge. The following notes are provided:

  • We have an installation guide available.
  • Using the CPU-Z app, you can determine your android device’s CPU and GPU


Besides the US and Canada, users can also communicate with 240 other countries via this application. So, you can connect with your friends who are in another country more quickly than traditional calling methods. The application’s ability to support users who call other countries is specifically responsible for this cheaper connection. With this application, you pay only $ 0.01 per minute for international calls, compared with traditional calling. In addition, it will also save you some costs, and you can take advantage of some of the app’s offers in order to earn more minutes. It is a fun and useful application that anyone can use because of the fun and useful things it can do.

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