The Greedy Cave Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]

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Avalon-Games released an interesting adventure game titled The Greedy Cave MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds) for the Android platform.

Avalon-Games is famous for its role-playing games, making the roguelike gameplay extremely enjoyable. They released a second version not long after, complete with a storyline and additional features.

Today we will learn about the first game, The Greedy Cave. What is so appealing about it that it attracts millions of players in such a short time?

This story begins on a large continent called Milton. It is the land of strength. Here you will find the most powerful people, who will go on to become great adventurers or demons. History passed smoothly while there were conflicts around the kingdoms and moments of peace.

And then, in the forgotten place of Iblis, a forgotten kingdom, an unfortunate event took place. The lords of the south drove out the inhabitants. So the villagers were forced to work day and night to mine minerals in exchange for a meager supply of food.

One time a young adventurer came to Iblis. He discovered a hole with many treasures hidden inside. He told everyone about the treasures he saw. That is why the lords became greedy. They sent many soldiers to the treasure. Even the farmers wanted a piece of it to improve their lives. A great war broke out. And nobody knew what to expect from the young explorers. They will be facing pitfalls, monsters, and potential dangers.

Join The Greedy Cave, and you’ll play as a brave explorer taking on the role of an explorer. You’ll explore mysterious caves filled with secrets, and find and exploit precious resources.

However, your journey holds many dangers. The cave has many traps and monsters. You must fight, defeat them to expand the path. The character is equipped with a sword. The character advances and makes a quick attack when you tap on the corresponding target.

Gradually, the cave map will grow. You will find larger treasures, however, you will also encounter greater dangers. You will need to develop your character’s abilities, as well as his intelligence, to defeat the Greedy Cave’s evil boss. Special equipment and skills are important to overcome difficulties.

Treasures can be a great temptation. But, greedy people usually don’t get what they deserve. The Greedy Cave illustrates this in its content. You may not have noticed it at first. In the end, you will certainly know when your character dies and all of your past data has been completely lost.

Greedy Cave warns players that greed can lead to a bad end. You don’t have to search for more than a predetermined number of items, but you do have to stop and return to Iblis in order to be prepared for the next journey.

The character also learns new skills. Although his basic slashing skills are unlocked at level 1, he will be able to use advanced skills as more missions are completed. This should ensure that he is stronger against fierce monsters.

Diamonds and Money Unlimited: In the MOD APK version of this game, you can get unlimited money to shop for equipment and get access to premium features.

Download The Greedy Cave MOD APK

Join The Greedy Cave and become the greatest explorer Iblis. A dark cave with treasures, monsters, and hundreds of challenges is waiting for you. Are you ready to conquer? Click on the download button below and install the moded apk of this amazing game.


Though The Greedy Cave has a relatively simple and straightforward RPG system, it still has character equipment features. You can select character equipment such as armor, weapons, and costumes. They can result in increased strength and defense stats, which will enable the character to endure longer on the quest to conquer the cave.

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