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War-themed games are probably first on your mind when it comes to Call of Duty games. Act as a soldier, fight for your life in a hostile environment, and find a way to survive. 11-bit studios, offering a unique game to the audience, have a more creative approach to the same subject: This War of Mine. With this game, you’ll be able to see the war in a whole new light. As a soldier, you will go into a world in which people, who don’t even have weapons, are suffering the effects of war. It sounds like you enjoyed it, don’t you think? Furthermore, I believe you will feel even more enlightened after reading the storyline!

In the year 1992, the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Europe) led to the construction of the War Of Mine in Sarajevo. Sarajevo was unaware that it had been caught up in this pointless war, which attacked and occupied it. The government abandoned Sarajevo for years, and the city was devastated. As a result, Sarajevo was abandoned, and no reinforcements were provided to save it, as well as food, medicine, and everything else that was needed to keep the neighborhoods safe. Besides being bombarded by bombs, they are also faced with disease and hunger… Can they survive under the strain of the war and lacking the material necessities?

If you play this game, you will become innocent people who are accidental victims of war. This caused them to be trapped in the war and must have been mentally painful to endure 90 straight days and nights of the war. The game features many characters who play multiple roles in order to survive on their own and help their friends. They were thrown into a state of shock after the war began. Their lives were suddenly turned upside down despite having a family, a job, and a peaceful way of living. In addition to losing their families and jobs, they lacked any safe shelter to sleep in at night. In ruined apartments.

Bombs have destroyed their homes, and your mission is to do everything you can to help them. You must divide the characters to different positions to guard, keep an eye on soldiers and bombs, and guard against the danger they pose. Nevertheless, it isn’t all you have to deal with. As well as finding food, medicine, and other things for you and your teammates, you also have to work hard to stay alive. The only way to survive is to kill those you do not know, even if it means killing the ones you do know.

You may find that your enemies will disappear at night and afterward you can relax. In reality, things are not like that at all. If you are free to act during the day, observe what is going on around you, and find food or tools that will keep you alive, when night falls, everything turns into peril. The other night, you never know if bombs will go off, army scouts will arrive, or sniper assassins will move. It only takes an opening to expose your act for you to be killed, because they are hiding somewhere. It is most evident when night falls in this game that survival is most evident.

Throughout the war, there were not only fierce encounters involving armed forces, and not everyone carried a weapon. However, somewhere out there amid the destruction of war are innocent people caught in a conflict. The danger they face are bombs, hunger, and disease. Inhaling the odor of gunpowder and the radioactive contamination of the bomb, they live miserably, searching for every last piece of food left on the crumbling places, every piece of clothing, every blanket to keep warm at night, and every dose to treat their hidden illnesses. 

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Now that you’ve finished downloading This War of Mine for free, you can enjoy the book. I have some notes to share:

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Their minds are occupied with horror obsession and suffering all the time. This War of Mine is like a work of art that speaks of the hardships people go through in times of war, making us think about war crimes, causing great loss to family members, friends, and all they ever had. The graphics of War of Mine are greatly appreciated when many players give good comments in this section. In the perfect combination of white and black, this image highlights the chaotic, gloomy atmosphere of war. A unique drawing by the designer showcases ruined buildings, bullet holes, bombs, and corpses all over the landscape. This War of Mine is an impressive game that shouldn’t have been missed. Don’t miss this opportunity to view the war from a new perspective!

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